Tradition! Tradition!…Not just for Fiddlers…..

So I tried a new yoga video. I suspect you are at this very moment rolling your eyes – and you have every right to – given that after last weekends video disaster (And if you’re unfamiliar with my reference check the “Don’t Be Insane, stick to the Basics” blog post March 28) you’re probably wondering what kind of fool does it AGAIN?

In addition, I have made it very clear that I – a TYPE A multitasker- do not enjoy the SLOW and TIME consuming pace to yoga.

So why the change of heart you ask? Well, it’s all part of my “don’t talk just do” campaign of getting ripped shredded and lean in 30 days. I vowed I wouldn’t discuss this challenge the way I have done in the past but I am referencing it so you understand the mind frame that went into my purchasing the yoga DVD. You see, I am not talking – I am DOING and by doing i mean changing it up a bit.

So here’s how it went down…..last week I was in Target and noticed Jillian Michaels has a 20 minute yoga DVD out which I thought was perfect because not only do I love her workouts but I figured I could handle 20 minutes even if it is YOGA.

So when I tried it yesterday it really was fast paced and high energy the way I like it ! But, midway through (about 10 minutes in) I felt like I was cheating myself out of the MENTAL and FLEXIBILITY benefits of what a true  yoga practice offers.

I couldn’t help thinking that somewhere along the line modern society had butchered a 5000 year old MIND/BODY ritual to a quick updated abbreviated and RUSHED version.

It brought to mind the concept of TRADITION and how SACRED it is to those that hold it.

So many religions have been modified by modern day amenities that often what happens is the translation is actually lost along the way and what ever is left of the practice is either only done for the sake of doing it or done just out of habit.

I grew up in a pretty observant Jewish household. I was labeled Orthodox, which to me simply means INSULAR, and as I matured and developed my own ability to make decisions, I developed a more liberal and less narrow – minded outlook and although I am still somewhat observant I uphold my faith and practice more so for the sake of appreciating the TRADITION.

Although religion has been reformed and modernized over the years…..many people like myself still hold on to the KEY elements of the tradition behind the religion…the beauty of the faith that has been handed down from generation to generation.

So I decided to put away the Jillian Michael’s video and take out the Rodney Ye that had been collecting dust on my shelf and despite the fact that it was a hell  of a lot longer than 20 minutes I still stuck through it and after all was said and done I had to say I felt ……………..GOOD.

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