Lead By Example…They Just might follow


(And no, this is not a stripper. It’s a woman shoveling snow. Get your mind out of the gutter!!!)

My kids started spring break yesterday so I decided to take them with me to my early morning fitness class.

And by take them to class with me I am not referring to a regular standard gym that has a playroom and a cafeteria while the mamas take a 90 minute body sculpt pilates yoga box barre spin class, then shower and steam in the day spa as they sip their protein shakes, no, I mean literally hang out in the one room hole in the wall studio where I work out.

You may be wondering how a clean freak like myself can tolerate a dirty floor while I press my nose straight into it in attempt to perform a push up (attempt still being the key word), but there’s just something about the fact that I always manage to get my heart rate up for the full 30 minute interval training that makes the filth not matter. Then I’m done for the day. Gotta love it there!!!

So I figured it couldn’t hurt to bring them along to watch….what’s the big deal about waiting for me for  half an hour? I fully anticipated they would be bored SO I packed enough snacks, DVD’s, coloring books, Beyblades and Technological Gadgets to keep them occupied as though I were preparing for a 10 hour international flight.

(sans the drugs)

But once we got there something AMAZING happened……Prior to class they dropped their bags of goodies and instead opted to play with all the EXERCISE equipment – TRX, Chin Up Bar, Spin Bike, Rower , Jump ropes, Kettle Bells – they were HOOKED!

They were actually disappointed once class began and they were forced to SIT STILL and just WATCH…..

It made me think for a minute that something was just off about this scenario…..So I figured –  why make them SIT when I am constantly preaching the benefits of getting up and MOVING????? What kind of  ROLE MODEL would I be if I am the one exercising and forcing my children- young girls no less- to just sit?

So out came the jump ropes and the hoola hoops and the fun began for all!

When we returned home after,  I asked my girls what they thought about my workout. They said they had the BEST time!!!

I then asked, as I often do, what was their favorite part about it? My 8 year old replied:

“The part when you and your friend who’s a girl and your friend who’s a boy all ran around the parking lot TOGETHER. That was cool- it looked like you were having so much fun!”

All I could think of was: ………Mission Accomplished!!

Lesson Learned: Teach your kids by ACTION rather than JUST words.

If you lead PROACTIVELY and PRODUCTIVELY by EXAMPLE….. you may just be surprised at the POWERFUL EFFECT.

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