You’re never too old to feel HIGH……

A former Mr. Universe who also happens to be only 4’ 11”, one of the shortest winners ever to win a contest in body building, just turned 100 years old.

He claims that happiness and a life without TENSIONS are the key to his LONGEVITY.

Funny thing about this statement is that he attributes his period spent in PRISON as triggering his desire to enter the body building world. (Prison seems just a tiny BIT stressful if you asked me?)

He says that he never allowed tension to “grip” him. Even though he struggled with money his entire life he remained HAPPY. (I Suppose he did not feel the need to run out to buy the $600 million mega millions last weekend).

This makes me think about the health mechanism that is scientifically triggered by exercise and in his case specifically, weight lifting…. It’s referred to as exercise induced euphoria or commonly known as the “runners high” or simply, just that great feeling you get AFTER you are done working out. That happy smile across your face is not just psychological because you’ve finished and can now resume your day, but the BRAIN actually releases substantial quantities of ‘endorphins’, which are chemicals that can block sensations of pain and produce overall feelings of EUPHORIA. (Wine and Whoopee can also trigger this sensation 🙂

Some people actually claim that endorphins can cause negative effects that lead to “EXERCISE ADDICTION” which is basically claiming that people aren’t even aware they are “ADDICTED”  to exercise and thus OVER DO it.

In my opinion that is total baloney….if a person has an addictive personality its better to be addicted to exercise than some of the other vices available on the Black Market.

Not that I can relate…I personally enjoy my 30 minute heart pumping interval training then walk out smiling from ear to ear that

1) it’s over and 2) I made it.

Then I’m DONE for the day!!! (Wine and Xanax are my Addictions of choice)

So i suppose the few lessons learned here are as follows:

You’re never too OLD or too POOR to take up exercise and weight lifting.

….. And you’re sure to FEEL some JOY at the OUTCOME even if you are suffering through at the time you’re doing it.

Have a great day and do yourself a favor…..GET UP AND MOVE….It is nature’s guarantee to make you feel GOOD!!!!!!

One thought on “You’re never too old to feel HIGH……

  1. Very good.At the gym I go to there are more and more people in there 50s,60s,70s, I think its great.Keep up with the posts and have a wonderful day.

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