I ate enough BREAD before Passover to last me the week!!!…..

Every once in a while I am reminded of my age. Not necessarily from the obnoxiously loud creaks in my knees when I squat, or the pain in my lower back when I bend but more so when I count the wrinkles deeply etched in my forehead and the greys that pop up in between salon visits.

It’s a funny thing what happens to the human body as we age.

Some people ride It out in grace, like Lauren Hutton and Meryl Streep and others fight it every step of the way – and end up looking the EXACT same cut outs-  like the Stepford Wives  – such as Courtney Cox and Demi Moore.

I prefer the former. When a face is pulled taut all the way to the back of the head it just looks comical.

Yesterday I was I reminded that I am aging when I ran into a friend I hadn’t seen in a long time. She could have been a model in her youth…the radiant skin, vibrant eyes, and lustrous hair.

Despite the fact that i had spent many many years hanging with her back then… I almost didn’t recognize her.

Now she looked weathered, worn down, and simply put: OLD.

My friend didn’t look as though she had much -if any- surgery done but she was so gaunt, drawn and THIN (scarily anorexic) that it made her look like an OLD LADY.

I almost I wished she had opted for Botox and Boobs rather than STARVATION. Her posture was bent over in a hunch and though she smiled she wore a look of emptiness.

I couldn’t help wondering what had happened in her life that triggered such pain to cause her to mistreat her BODY and her MIND in such a neglectful manner.

As I hugged her goodbye and felt the bones protruding out of her skin, I felt SAD and THANKFUL at the same time.

I was secretly HAPPY that although I can be tough on myself at times (OK, ALL THE TIME) I am also happy with my body and the age appropriate pains that remind me that I am ALIVE.

I ENJOY food  (as you know, I also LOVE my drinks!) and I exercise within reason, over eat within reason, and keep a mindful balance of somewhere in between CRAZY and CONTROL FREAK.

Lesson Learned:

It’s FINE to be hard on yourself and want to IMPROVE…..scratch that….it’s GREAT to be hard on yourself and want to IMPROVE……that leads to CHANGE.

However, I do not think it’s fine to be ROUGH on yourself and abuse the body you are given that is designed to ONLY last for ONE lifetime (if you’re  lucky).

Go easy on yourself both PHYSICALLY and MENTALLY.

Life just LOVES to throw us challenges and pain and you need to be STRONG and full of ENERGY as ammunition – both mentally and physically – to handle it.

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