No one gets hurt sitting on their couch….

Last week I had the chance to catch up with a friend I hadn’t spoken to in ages. She was telling me all about how  busy she was preparing for the holiday, taking care of kids and juggling work ….all having to manage it on her own because her husband had to have surgery from an injury he sustained while performing an aggressive military style work out.


My husband used to say “No one ever gets hurt sitting on the couch” (until a crane on the upper east side crashed into a high rise apartment and killed a guy siting on a couch proved him wrong)….but his point was that when you do Risky activities you are more likely to get HURT.

Another friend of mine participated in one of those obstacle races recently where you have to climb over 15 foot walls, crawl through dirt and jump over tires….all for “FUN” (….if you asked me i don’t understand what is fun about mud in your mouth ?)…..She too was injured from that race.

It made me think about the time in my life when i became certified as a fitness instructor and attended a 3 day fitness conference ….it seemed that everyone was trying to outdo the other and the attendees were seeking the “newest” thing in the “FIT” world.

Instructors would get up on stage and demonstrate the latest moves they had “invented” such as leaping over 3 BOSU balls in a row while holding 20 pound dumbbells in each arm and landing on their head to balance on their  finger nails.

It made the episode of “Happy Days” – when Fonzi had to jump the shark – seem safer.

Each session was over the top with instructors trying to outshine the other…until one of them actually fell and broke her foot while performing the exercise she claimed “anyone can do”.

I went home thinking that Jane Fonda had it right….Leg lifts and sit ups. BASICS.Back to Basics.

As you know, I am a firm believer in push ups and squats  for a complete full body routine.

Looking back at the agenda of that conference and talking to my injured friends i had to think that the old acronym “KISS” is possibly the best advice when it comes to a workout regimen…..


The “Basics” really WORK!

Skip the fancy kettle bell cleans that pop a shoulder out of its circuit and just stick to the basic swings.

There is no shame in doing a basic simple movement that works the muscle – NO DIFFERENTLY- than a “fancier” made up “creative” move that ultimately leads to injury.

When you complicate matters you end up hurting something or – someone else!

Lesson Learned: leave the creativity to the art world and stick with the simple (not easy) moves that have been around since the cavemen.

PUSH your body and PULL your body and you will see that it’s really ALL you need to stay FIT.

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