No cheating just CHANGE…..

My daughters swim team coach has recently lost a lot of weight. A LOT of weight. He looks like an entirely different person than when I first met him 4 months ago.

When I asked him how he did it he said he started doing Crossfit (More on this subject in a later post – I have OH SO much to say about it) and as he tightened and toned he decided he just felt like eating better. He didn’t cut out anything and still indulges in his favorite snacks….. he just eats less of them and incorporates them into his life as well as his new love for exercise.

What made him decide to join Crossfit in the first place? He did not get a Groupon or take advatnage of a New Years special. Nothing happened in his life that made him decide that today would be different. He simply decided it was time. HIS time.

He said he is YOUNG NOW, has all his hair, and when else is his metabolism going to be as efficient as it is now….. Why waste his YOUTH being FAT?

He changed his THINKING first THEN his habits. Now, missing a day of swimming and working out are a NON OPTION and he does so as part of his new LIFE ROUTINE.

We all know SOMEONE who needs or desires to lose weight.

Over the years I have met so many people who have lost then gained then lost then gained ….the typical yo-yo dieting cycle.

I know those that have had true success in keeping the weight off have done so because they made a LIFE change ….not a diet change. And it was typically done while they were young enough TO have the ability to make many OTHER CHANGES in their young minds.

It becomes increasingly difficult to change our habits as we age but it CAN be done.

The people I know who made major LIFE changes and kept the weight off to this day changed EVERYTHING about their life not just their eating but their THINKING too.

It’s all mental and needs to come from WITHIN. If it comes from WITHOUT then it doesn’t last.

Change happens in the BRAIN first. It’s a DECISION first, then an ACTION.

It makes me wonder at what point in a persons life do they have the MATURITY to realize that they need to make this decision?

I know someone who is young and pretty and has a great career ahead of her. The only thing stopping her from achieving all her dreams is her weight. It’s a constant reminder of the pain she suffered as a child and she holds onto it as a safety net to protect her from ultimate growth….the idea that she must be responsible for her own actions and stop counting on others to support her or blaming them for what happened to her.

Her weight issue is literally a layer of protection from having to deal with the very real grown up world.

She is still coddled by her family and enjoys the role of being the baby.

I want to reach out to her and hold her tight and let her know that it will be O.K. – that SHE will be O.K. – if she finally let’s herself FLY to freedom….if she finally cuts the umbilical chord and does it on her OWN.

She would flourish.

I want to tell her that I was young once too and it’s the BEST time of ones life. A time when one can truly enjoy the freedom  of not having to endure a lifetime of worry for someone else. That time will come.

But youth is to be spent happy-go-lucky and carefree…. a time to be whimsical and fun not hide behind baggy clothes, heavy makeup and a tub of ice cream.

I want to WARN her that her skin is only supple now and will never radiate as much as it does in her youth.

I want to scream out to her that once she has children -although will be the best thing that ever happens to her – it will also cause wrinkles and greys to appear overnight and never go away.

NOW – her youth – is the time for her to be at her MOST beautiful and why waste it on FOOD and poor habits?

But alas I can not say a word. This decision has to come from her.

Lesson Learned:

Unlike a math equation that can be solved by anyone who learns how to calculate, the answer to CHANGE has to be solved by each individual on their own.

There are no crib sheets or tutors for changing your mindset. There is no cheating allowed.

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