Careful in the Publix checkout….

Car Crashes Into Publix Palm Coast Thelma

Yesterday an old lady drove her car into a grocery store. Luckily, no one was hurt.

Yesterday was also Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Every year at this time I write a post about the Holocaust and I am always humbled as I try to find the appropriate words to convey the horrors that I am so fortunate to only imagine and thankful I did not experience.

Words are powerful in so many ways. They can harm, they can please, they can promote, they can degrade.

But there is no word in ANY language that can describe such savagery that took place 71 years ago.

71 years is the exact age of my father in law. It’s the age my mom will be this year on her birthday. It’s within the range of the average human’s LIFESPAN.

The Holocaust took place literally A LIFE TIME ago.

Yet here we are commemorating it every year in order to prevent ANYONE from ever forgetting it happened.

When I was a kid we would learn about the Holocaust in school and honor Holocaust Remembrance day- also referred to as Yom Hashoa- with a school assembly, a movie about it, or perhaps some speeches. But back then it seemed like a STORY that happened – a lesson not a REALITY – that took place SO LONG AGO- in a country so foreign and far away it didn’t seem REAL.

None of us ever thought it could happen again….. Not in AMERICA….no way!

I kept this thought in the back of my mind for years. This is America a FREE country- Jews, Gays, Blacks, Greens, Yellows and Blues- we are ALL SAFE here.

Then 9/11 happened.

And unlike Hitler, Al Queda didn’t discriminate.

They hate ALL AMERICANS. They hate ALL “Westerners”.

Suddenly religion, sexual orientation and color didn’t matter. We were ALL affected.

Yesterday was Holocaust Remembrance Day.

I will never forget the horrors that happened to “my people”.

And on September 11, I will also commemorate the horrors that happened to “my people”.

We – Americans – should ALWAYS remember how LUCKY we are for the life we have RIGHT now.

I certainly don’t need a special Day to remind me that EVERY day matters and EVERY day is a blessing and at ANY TIME it can be taken away.

You never know if going to the grocery store will be the end of it.

Enjoy and REMEMBER.

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