TRUE Friends are hard to find (Seriously – I cant find them on Facebook???)

An old friend came to visit me yesterday.

I hadn’t seen her or her husband in years and nothing had changed. They looked great. It was great catching up. Everything about our visit was great.

The entire time they were here it felt like no time had passed between our visits.

They say that level of comfort is the sign of TRUE friendship.

But what made me think after is the CONCEPT behind what happens to “TRUE”  friends that they don’t see each other or speak for months or even years then somehow click as though time stood still. It’s an amazing abstraction ….. On some level I equate it to TIME TRAVEL.

You can pick up where you left off from years past – even if wrinkles and greys have somehow snuck their way in.

Only difference is you don’t need to worry about stepping on a bug and altering your future.

The idea of going back in time through the memories you share with another is really a wonderful human behavior. We do it all the time in daily life – refer back to fond or not so fond – memories of the past. Memories are what makes us who we are – shared incidents that become etched in our brains and trigger an emotion when referring back to them.

Sometimes, the more we play back these memories in our minds, we skew them just a little and make them happier or sadder than they actually were at the time they took place. My husband tells me I do this about each and every fight we’ve ever had. He claims that I have a Dewey Decimal System in my MIND that logs whatever he did WRONG and exacerbates it tenfold each time I bring it up as a reference to check out from the library in my brain to use as research material and data towards current fights….. Proving once again that A well researched fight always wins.

But alas, memories are best used when reminiscing with old and TRUE friends. (Most effectively with a bottle of wine or a doobie or both) Afterall, if you shared them with JUST ANYONE  you may find yourself behind bars. (TO the grave. thats always been my motto.)

So Lesson Learned:

Even if you reconnect after so many years through Facebook or Twitter or post an old recipe of theirs on Pinterest…….making a CONNECTION is what keeps our memories alive. True friends will understand that TIME stood still since the last visit and no explanation is needed. GO ahead and make that CONNECTION – be it via a poke or a tweet….you’ll feel better afterwards knowing your secrets of the past are still safe and sound !!!

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