Charlie Sheen just keeps on Winning…..FOREVER(and ever)

THis morning I woke to find 8 text messages from someone named”Party girl”.

Excited to FINALLY have a friend who was SOOOO enthusiastic to party with me, I opened each one and read the following:

“Party girl wants to know what she should wear to look cool for the cliquey cool kids”

“Party girl wants to impress her lover so which mini skirt should she wear?”

“Party girl wants to fit in with the cool kids so lets go shopping for some designer clothes”

….SERIOUSLY ??????

at that point i realized I had either been punked or some pathetic girl out there has the wrong number since anyone who knows me even in the least bit (and come now folk- at this point in my blog you ALL know me perhaps a little TOO well) understands damn well this type of social climbing behavior is not only unacceptable but ultra BORING.

It didn’t take much -even at 5:30 AM – to realize that this was yet another DUMB App targeted towards preteen and tweenage girls.

So I got up, brushed my teeth and did what any responsible parent would do….I GROUNDED  my kids for life then deleted the App.

Ok,ok, i didn’t quite go to THAT extreme but I did make it perfectly clear that these social Apps (and if you’re not familiar- kudos to you- but these are some examples: “Social girl” , “Modern girl”, “Party girl” – there are tons of them that have Barbie doll type bodies with massive boobs and tiny weeny waists and TEXT directly to your phone birdbrained tweets) are totally unacceptable for strong bright beautiful confident prodigies of mine.

I almost wished I had discovered they were watching porn- that would have been a hell of a lot easier to say is “inappropriate” than explaining why The Sex in The City version for 8 year olds is just plain unacceptable…. On EVERY level.

Isn’t it enough that I already have to censor some of the moronic shows on TV (Real Housewives not included -that’s just MOMMY DUMB – very different – I am well aware that I am killing my brain cells one by one as I watch each episode  ) such as Disney and Nick that target the teenagers with racily clad young girls who talk back to their superiors and get a big laugh while the adult looks like a fool. Now I need to worry about Apps that portray dumb ass girls as “cool”. I thought 90210 went out with the 90’s?

I know that the media is extremely influential in todays world but this made me wonder just HOW INFLUENCED our young generation is by social media and the internet.

I’m not so sure that we need to worry about peer pressure in school anymore – at least not as much as the social peer pressure they are confronted with just by being technologically active. (is that even a phrase? – if not, it;s kind of like the same taboo as being sexually active only with an ipad) .

It used to be that my kids would ask for a TV in their room (that’d be a NO) but now they keep asking for a cell phone. (Their friends have them?!) I tell them when they are ready to date (at age 30) I will get them a phone. (I will also get them a beeper, an ankle tracking device and my husband a shotgun).

What reason does a young child need a phone? The problem isn’t that they plan to use it to call or text -the problem is WHO are they planning to use it to call or text?

I always teach my kids that ANYTHING you put out there on the internet, on a cell phone, in an email or a text – is there FOREVER- even if you THINK you deleted it….it’s somewhere out there on some server and has the ability to always come back to haunt you. (Whenever I need a belly laugh I play a crazy voicemail from someone who reamed me out last year- she went nuts – seriously Charlie Sheen nuts – and to this day I have it saved to play back any time I feel down and want a  good laugh).

Yup, there forever.

So a few lessons learned:

  1. Be careful what you do, write and SAY online and in LIFE… is there FOREVER
  2. Teach your kids to be SAFE with their games- even if it’s innocent – monitor who else is interacting WITH them
  3. For goodness sakes LADIES!….teach your GIRLS to be head strong and confident and not to worry or depend on what others think of them to give them self worth.

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