He knows when you’ve been bad or good….

Squeaky wheels get greased

I knew a woman who loves to argue. She is very confrontational and enjoys a good lashing out…..be it at her husband ( her favorite participant) or just anyone in her path. I suspect it gives her some sort of release   because I’m pretty sure she’s never experienced the  “BIG O”.

Whenever she feels disgruntled about some purchase she made (her day job is  shopping then complaining that her husband doesn’t make enough money) she just marches right back into the store and makes a big scene and ends up getting what she wants through intimidation and fear.

I suspect her food has more than just spit in it when she dines out in a restaurant.

In this day and age we are fortunate to have advanced and innovative methods of communication. Now she can berate someone via email or text and never even have to show up in person to make her belligerent point.

I have always been a believer in the opposite approach……

You catch  more flies with honey than you do with vinegar

Yesterday while calling AT&T regarding my cell phone bill which quadrupled since purchasing the iPhone a month ago I was faced with two options. I could take this woman’s approach and ball out the representative for this colossal mistake, or I could gently and patiently (two attributes I do not have) explain my predicament and ask very nicely for help. Having been a waitress in my youth I am very conscious of how I speak to workers in the customer care industry and I always believed that you get more when you ask nicely.

However, I was riled up, aggravated and bothered with pressing so many damn buttons before an actual person came on the line that my anger and scowl must have shown through the phone line. I aggressively recanted how unacceptable my bill was and although it was uncharacteristic of me, I spoke harshly to the Custer Care Representative.

After  the sixth time the rep  put me on hold to “review my account” (at which I knew full well she was pulling the classic Seinfeld rent a car episode “I have to ask my manager” trick then doing absolutely nothing about it)   I realized I was talking to the token moron and hung up. I also decided that I needed to calm -the -F -down so I took a deep breath, then redialed, pressed the appropriate buttons and got a different representative.

I decided to try it MY way this time.

This representative , named ” Frank from Texas” (with a clear Hindu accent that was clearly NOT Texanish ) was more knowledgable and helped me with my first set of issues.

After some time however I realized that Frank from Texas did not have the authority to grant me my wishes so I kindly thanked him and hung up.

I then redialed and continued on with my quest to receive credit back….all the while speaking with a tone that indicated to the person at the other end of the phone that I was smiling and happy.

After a few minutes I got what I set out for, and in my sweetest sugary voice profusely thanked the representative for her help at which point she credited my account with an extra 3000 rollover minutes and thanked me for being a customer.

Lesson learned:

You really really REALLY DO get more flies with honey.

Just like Santa deems who’s been a good girl and who’s been a bad one you’re more likely going to have a better christmas when you’re nice .

SOOOOOO……..Be mindful of your tone and your words. You never know – you may just get some rollover minutes out of it which comes in handy when you need to call someone to ball them out.

Have a great weekend! Don’t be TOO naughty!

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