Let The Weather Affect you……

I had a roommate years ago who suffered from SAD, which stands for Seasonal Affective Disorder, and basically meant she had to have a special order bright fluorescent light constantly emanating from her room. It made her late night booty call romps seem like a Lady Gaga concert with the sound effects and cool stage show lighting, sans the bizarre outfits. (Actually, looking back now, she probably DID dress up behind those closed doors – she certainly had a freakish streak to her…but given my history of revolving door roommates I will save THAT story for another blog – would be a great one).

Now that I live in Florida where it is sunny and beautiful for the majority of the year, I have to say that when it DOES rain, I feel it in my BONES. And after this past weekend of rain and indoor arts and crafts projects, I finally have a glimpse as  to what my old roommate felt like ALL the time – only if I had this disease or syndrome or whatever it is labeled as – I probably would be one of those 800 pound women -surrounded by chips and cookies – who never leave their bedroom because they can’t squeeze through their doorway.

When I made the decision to move to Florida from a suburb in NJ. some of the town yentas would ask me the same asinine question:

“WHY???” … in an incredulous tone that insinuated disdain and contempt….as though I had just announced I was moving to a small town in Arkansas to work as a Bounty Hunter.

I gave the accurate and typical answers of “good opportunity, good timing, better school, beautiful country club lifestyle”…..etc but in my heart I knew the answer was as simple as ……the WEATHER.

Raised in Chicago, having to walk to school in a snow suit even in June, I would dream of one day having the beach accessible all year round. When I was old enough to travel out of the Midwest and learn that the SUN DOES EXIST in December in other parts of the country, I made the immediate decision to get the hell out of Dodge even if it meant when I was 90 …..my goal was simple: the Old age Nursing Home would be in Florida and I would live next door to Blanche, Dorothy, Rose and Sophia. We would be BEST FRIENDS  FOREVER and get in all kinds of silly trouble together.

So when opportunity knocked and I was able to finally live my dream I had no choice but to pull a Robin Williams and seize the day.

So why does the weather have such a huge impact on our moods even though for the most part- people don’t suffer from SAD?

I suppose there are other things to do on a rainy day that can be productive but for some reason I only seem to flourish when the sun shines.

So yesterday was a literal wash and I allowed myself to indulge ……I slept in, skipped the gym, and spent the entire day in my PJ’s cuddling with the kiddies. Not a bad treat once in a while.

It made me think that sometimes it’s OK to let the weather get to your bones….for me it was therapeutic and revitalizing.

I know not everyone is fortunate enough to have great weather year round but for the most part people make the best of it and enjoy their hot cocoa in between building snowmen or make new personal records by running harder and longer in the rain.

I am definitely not an all weather girl. I do not miss the seasons. I will gladly take the brutally hot summers over the cold winters,  but every now and again I look forward to a rainy weekend where I can indulge myself with laziness and eat straight from the peanut butter jar.

Lesson Learned:

Enjoy the day – be it rain, snow or shine…. wherever you are today – LET the weather AFFECT you and just GO WITH IT.

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