Organic isn’t just for Hippies anymore……

My friend asked me the other day what my opinion is on organic food and if i still buy only organic produce. (Years ago I was a big fan of organic and natural foods – but I haven’t been organic in at least 9 years- and not much has changed – yup- still have my greys but I dye them with CHEMICALS so that’s all good).

So when I had to stop into Whole Foods yesterday to pick up a special anti inflammatory ointment that apparently, according to the Doctor that prescribed it, is only found there,(maybe I should switch Doctors? What kind of RX is only available at a natural food store? If it isn’t hard to get on your own it cant possibly work)  it made me wonder just how many people are buying only organics to prompt such a high end market . I actually LOVE the Whole Foods salad bar and often buy my sushi and fish from there, but when it comes to produce I remain loyal to the pesticides at Publix.

While wading through the aisles looking for this miracle balm, I discovered the plethora of other gels, treatments, essential oils and basically everything else under the sun when it came to natural remedies.

I then moved onto the food aisles- and could not get over how many options there were for “100 % Rolled Oats”.

Seriously -the ingredients were all the same: rolled oats. But the labeling was unique in that some were Gluten Free  (Gluten is a protein found in wheat, also kamut, barley rye and spelt- not oats)  some were without “coloring” ( oats are white?) some were labeled as “natural” (as opposed to artificial oats?) …..the list went on and on – all saying the same thing: 100% rolled oats. The only consistency in them was their price range from $5.99 – $8.99.

I thought to myself that if the ingredients are the exact same how creative these manufacturers were to suggest that THIER product is unique. I am no stranger to marketing having worked in the field of sales and business development for almost 2 decades, and this is marketing 101- plus, I have been going to Whole Foods for years so thats not new to me either but what IS new (ish) to me is the POPULARITY of it all in this day and age- given the high cost of these products, it amazed me that even with the economy in the pooper and unemployment rate as high as it is – people are still very much buying these high priced items.

I ate only organic for years and years until i finally decided i just enjoyed the taste of the non organics better. I don’t feel any LESS HEALTHY now that i eat the publix apples but i do feel SIGNIFICANTLY BETTER that i only spend $1.89 a pound vs the $3.89 for organic.

Dating back to the 70’s when the growth of the organics industry prompted the first organization to certify organic farms, organic fare has been under debate ….and the question remains- is it worth the extra expense??

Now that the “green” effect- which is no longer just for Priuses and Hippies anymore but seems to be the icon on every high end SUV (although it looks eerily similar to the icon for weed – an organic product I would gladly pay EXTRA for)….makes me think that this gazillion dollar industry is nothing to scoff at and its certainly not going away.

So there I was perusing the aisles and examining the 8 different brands of hemp flakes…..again wondering as i was reading the ingredients of organic evaporated cane juice just how much healthier is this stuff?????….cane juice – evaporated or not- is just another sweet substitute which ultimately breaks down in the body the same way as pure cane sugar. Sugar is sugar. Glucose is glucose…..All turns to fat in your body.

And with that, I walked out with my $34.99 natural anti inflammatory ointment that seemed ridiculously close to  BenGay (that costs $7.99 ) and went to Walmart to buy my $1.79 Rolled Oats.  Generic.

Excuse the profanity but it really IS funny:

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