I guess you CAN take it with you….

When I  was a kid it seemed that anytime an adult needed to justify spending money on something they would say:

” Oh what the hell, I can’t take it with me  – right?!”


Or so I thought.

Until I read yesterday that Whitney Houston’s family is planning to open her grave and rebury her casket in CEMENT  in order to protect the $800,000 worth of jewelry that was buried with her – from grave robbers.

I suppose when Leona Helmsley left $12 million to her dogs that was enough to surmise that not everyone has a good Estate Planner.

But reading about Whitney, who has a daughter that most certainly stands to inherit a fortune as well, taking a portion of her favorite jewels to her grave made me think that not everyone has a BRAIN.

What makes me wonder though, is at what point in a celebrities career do they become  so absorbed in their own righteousness that they lose sight of the rest of the world in NEED? This is not to say that celebrities aren’t charitable….seems as though you’re not allowed off the “D List” unless you have your own charity even if it only is for the guise of being a “good person” -(or “Ambassador of Good Will” AKA Angelina type)   but mostly  for tax write offs and publicity….( I just recently read an article that proclaimed that SOME of these Hollywood  charities spend over 25- 40 % in fundraising and yield less than 2% of proceeds to the actual needy) ….so maybe a charity is not the answer for Whitney’s estate….perhaps she will be hanging out with Liberace and Michael Jackson in the afterworld so taking her SPARKLES with her is the best bet for her active SOCIAL LIFE in Heaven (or Hell…depending if Bobbie Brown is telling the truth when he claims he had nothing to do with her drug habit).

Regardless of how people decide to spend their own money even AFTER they DIE –  it is most certainly their own  prerogative and not my place to judge (even though that’s what I do best)….hey if it was good enough for the Pharaohs of Egypt to be buried with their treasures than by all means it should be good enough for the Queen Bee Whitney.

May she rest in PEACE and BLING.

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