See a Doctor and maybe she’ll Stop the NAGGING

When a Woman is pregnant and suffers severe abdominal PAIN, because she simply doesn’t have the luxury of time to let it bother her, she bites  back tears,  goes to work, picks up her other kids from school, drives them to extra curricular activities,  makes dinner for the family, cleans the house, maybe does some more work from home, all while said pain  continues – then squeezes out the baby and continues on with her duties with baby on her boob….

When a MAN is in PAIN – He stays in BED and COMPLAINS incessantly and insists he doesn’t need to see a doctor because it will pass ….until his wife or partner finally has enough of his grumbling and persists him to the point where he has to get out of bed to go to the doctor just to stop the nagging.

Women nagging  their mates to “Improve”  has been a right of passage ever since Eve bit from the forbidden fruit and coerced Adam into doing so as well…..Hence the beginning of the Male/Female dynamic.

Women THRIVE on badgering their men and men SURVIVE only because their wives NAG them to HEALTH.

So, the other night when my husband could not stop complaining of his excruciating pain he felt in his abdomen and literally could not stand up without wincing, I begged him to go to the ER. He finally could not take the nagging (pain he can handle but unrelenting bitching not so much) and as it turns out he did in fact have reason to whine…..2 enormous golf ball size KIDNEY STONES.

From my understanding the way to get rid of them is for them to “pass” but when they’re that large I imagine it’s like giving birth through your Anus…..hence a procedure is scheduled for next week.

But this ordeal made me think about the DYNAMIC between a man and a woman or ANY domestic partnership for that matter……there needs to be ONE person who is the NAGGER and the other is the NAGGEE.

It doesn’t work if both people have the same roles.

Lesson learned:

Listen to your wife she really does know best.

OK, OK, that’s not really the lesson since that’s nothing NEW…..but more importantly, listen to your body and allow yourself time to heal if you are in pain or are injured.

I know too many people who push through unnecessarily or don’t go to the doctor because they are too busy or too macho whatever the asinine reason may be.

Be smart! Take care of yourself!

As I told my husband last night, as much as I’m a workaholic, I’m taking a night off from my second job of busting his balls.

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