All it takes is a few Seconds…..(on the serious side today)

All it takes is 2 seconds to make an impact.

I met a new friend at the gym recently. He can be mistaken for Antonio Banderas  –  TALL, DARK,  SWARTHY,  HANDSOME and he lights up the room with his smile when I see him. Before you go reporting this to my husband you should know that he is in a committed relationship with a partner of 20 years. Recently I noticed a sadness in his eyes as we dance together through the warm up.

So I asked him- in 2 seconds- as I was rushing out – “Is everything OK?” – then rushed to the parking lot to get to work. In the passing of keys and sweaty towels he mentioned something that no one wants to ever  experience themselves, but unfortunately knows someone close to them who does:

His soul mate  of 20 years is slowly dying from cancer.

All he can do to ease the pain – his own as well as his partner’s- is to take slow meaningful breaths and allow himself to be there to enjoy the last moments together, to reminisce about the memories shared, to hold hands and hold back tears and say it will all be O.K. ….Even though he can’t imagine how that could possibly be true.

He looks into his lovers eyes each night and his YOUTH flashes before his eyes.

Despite the fact that He is petrified, he pushes through his mental and physical EXHAUSTION  from staying up all night caring for his life partner and He makes it a priority to get to the gym for his 40 minutes of exercise.

Although he feels painfully guilty for leaving, never fully able to relax his guard, He refers to this time alone as his escape….his release from the pressure of LIFE.  While the rest of us are grumbling and complaining about the gruesome push ups and tiresome Burpbees- HE  refers to it as his “RELAX TIME”.

I see his fallen face each morning and encourage him to KEEP COMING to the gym regardless of his GUILT – as it really is the ONLY way he can regain an ounce of strength to face the reality of his ordeal.

I watch him push himself harder and harder and while he sweats profusely he is unaware that with each drop of perspiration he is spreading something incredibly more powerful…..INSPIRATION.

But what AMAZED me yesterday when I approached him to ask if there is anything I can do, knowing deep down that there wasn’t …… Was the simple answer he replied…..

 “No, Just keep ASKING.”

The impact we have on other people with just a few simple words -a small GESTURE – can sometimes be so much more powerful than ACTIONS.

Lesson Learned:

Sometimes – no, OFTENtimes -in life we are dealt heartbreaking  situations that are completely out of our control.

How we deal with them is up to us. But the simple ACT of lending support by asking another person the simplest question of :

“How are you?” is more often so much more appreciated than anyone can comprehend.

 All it takes is 2 seconds to make an impact.

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