Does This Bikini Make Me Look Fat?…..

On Sunday a friend came with us to the Beach and as we sat there chatting and watching the waves, a LARGE woman passed us – dressed in an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini.

She certainly had the curves to fill it out – (OUT being the KEY word here -as her curves were a wee bit too many to actually FIT IN the suit)….yet she walked with her back straight, her head held high and carried it off with PRIDE.

My friend turned to me and said: “If THAT woman can get away with wearing a bikini – why can’t I???”….this question coming from a woman who runs 10-15 miles a few days a week, stands on her head in yoga class, and can out plank me by at least 4 minutes (not too difficult since I don’t last more than 30 seconds) ……so I asked- what the hell is stopping my very FIT friend from wearing one???

“Not ready yet. Almost there.”

This answer made me think about how we each perceive ourselves. Don’t get me wrong, I certainly am ONE of my worst critics (I say ONE OF because by far my daughters ARE my ABSOLUTE WORST critics- each morning they critique what I wear, if my hair is flat or voluminous, how big or small my tummy is (depending on just how much peanut butter I inhaled the night before straight from the jar ) – the list never ends. Yet I appreciate each comment as Gospel and take it all in stride – feeling lucky to have girls who will always tell me the truth. (Although my husband certainly does not know how to LIE- trust me ladies-NEVER make the cardinal mistake of asking your man if a dress makes you look fat – KNOW full well that if you have to ask- the answer is always : NO- it’s not the dress that’s making you look fat- your FAT is making you look fat.)

When I was in 4th grade I had a pink nightgown that had a picture of Garfield The Cat on it with the caption:

 “If you’ve got it flaunt it”

Vintage Retro 1970's Garfield Ringer T-shirt - If You've Got It...Flaunt It, Size M / L

After I looked up the word “FLAUNT” I decided right then and there that would be my MOTTO.

Being that I did not even start puberty at the time, (not that it made much of a difference considering no matter how many times my friends and I chanted in a  monochromatic tune: “I must – I must – I must increase my bust” while pushing my arms backwards and forwards…..still, the BOOB Fairy never came) I look back and think that the naivety of YOUTH sets the precedent of how we look at ourselves throughout our lives.

I have always had the confidence of that young 4th grade ME….and despite my weight fluctuations with pregnancies, hormonal influences and environmental or stress related eating- I still walk around with my back straight and my head held high.

That woman in the itsy bitsy bikini had it RIGHT….ENJOY the way you look NOW while you are still YOUNG ENOUGH to ACTUALLY ENJOY IT AND LOOK BACK TO APPRECIATE WHAT YOU HAD.

Lesson Learned:
WALK or RUN or SWIM in the ocean with your bikini or banana swing- whatever makes your fancy!!

FLAUNT what you have NOW – don’t wait until “Almost there” to feel good about your (relatively) young frame.

Soon enough your life will be at the tail end of your bodies duration and you will look back at your youth and wonder why you weren’t more flirtatious or exposed…….take the time in your life NOW to appreciate what you have and FLAUNT IT.

And if you are unhappy with the state of your current physique at the moment- then DO SOMETHING TO CHANGE IT!!!

After all, You’re not getting any younger!!

2 thoughts on “Does This Bikini Make Me Look Fat?…..

  1. Your beach going friend sounds like an incredible athlete and she should wear a bikini. Why not !!! Take her shopping. She probably has teenage kids who think it’s gross seeing dinosaurs in a bikini!!

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