Constructive Criticism is helpful – unless it’s coming from someone else….

Sometimes constructive criticism is JUST criticism.

This seems to be the case whenever I try it….or at least that’s what others seem to hear.

I liken myself to a dog owner who reprimands his canine by telling it EXACTLY what it did wrong and trying to explain to him how to improve when all the dog is hearing is “blah blah blah ____his name ___ blah blah blah” .

(I know my kids certainly have dog hearing when I scold THEM.)


So the other day I was trying to explain my marketing piece to my MEAN BOSS ( i.e. my husband  – ok, kidding about the Boss part – not the mean part- ok kidding again-sometimes- but I definitely DO ALL the WORK in my house that I suspect he feels as though he is the boss- except of course in the bedroom) and I was trying to be CONSTRUCTIVE with my feedback. Instead I just MAY HAVE come across as a Bitch and critical – but in actuality I was simply trying to be HELPFUL.

I suppose we all have our days when we are simply misunderstood. (Since that is EVERY day for me – as the role of Larry David’s twin sister-  I don’t let it bother me -it’s THE OTHER GUY’S problem ).

It’s funny how we communicate. Sometimes when we are speaking with people we LOVE and TRUST and are most COMFORTABLE with- we don’t always watch the MANNER in which we speak to them.

I know that whenever my husband is not feeling well – I’m the first person to be yelled at – and I take it all in stride as just another method for his expression of his endearing and everlasting LOVE  for me.

So Lesson Learned:

Try not to take it personally when someone close to you criticizes (as long as it’s meant CONSTRUCTIVELY) or speaks in an irritated tone.

However, UNDERSTAND that there IS a HUGE difference between someone who loves you and someone who is just MEAN. (We ALL know someone like that).

I would hereby like to apologize in advance to anyone I have NOT offended – please be patient I will get to you shortly.

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