Breast Feeding at school?…..

This weeks cover of Time magazine has ignited quite a controversy among mothers around the nation as it depicts a young woman nursing her child.

Now before you start thinking “Awww how sweet” you must know that the woman, who can easily be mistaken for Cameron Diaz, is  a tall, slender, pretty, blonde and the child, age 3, is standing on a step stool to reach her boob.

My first thought is that this child is DEFINITELY NOT 3 -he’s more like 6 – and come on – he must be miserable that his friends get to drink chocolate milk at school when he has to hang around his mommy all day. I suppose this prevents bullies from beating up the weak kid for his lunch money.

I must say that the merits of Attachment Parenting has been a debate among working mothers and stay at home moms ever since  Dr. Sears wrote his famous “The Baby Book” in the early 90‘s.

I cant really relate on any level being that when I had my kids 6 and 8 years ago, I was running my own business and i did not have the luxury of a day off for maternity leave.

I breast fed my first born for a few weeks – admittedly due to Hollywood peer pressure – as it was definitely in Vogue since Angelina Jolie, Sarah jessica Parker and Jennifer Garner  had babies the exact same time as I did and THEY were breast feeding so it MUST be the cool thing to do- right? Wrong. Not for me. The minute I stopped, I lost all my baby weight and got right back into the groove of balancing work and motherhood.

So, why is this cover of Time so controversial when it’s an age old debate? Certainly this argument is NOT NEW.

I suppose it is because the fact that the woman on the cover looks like she can be in the pilates or barre class next to YOU and is not just a granola eating hippie or bohemian mess with a mustache.

In other words, we can RELATE to her as ONE OF US.

But that leads me to think that just maybe there IS SOMETHING to this idea of Attachment Parenting?

Maybe I’m wrong and she’s right? Is it possible that her children will never leave her side and develop into the most well adjusted functional adults on the planet?

I suppose only time will tell.

Lord knows I am in no position to judge as I ran away- I mean moved to New York for bigger things- at a very young age- and thats why I run my house with an iron fist and try and CONTROL every little aspect of my kids life. I know deep down they will eventually grow out of this stage of listening to my word as Gospel but for now it’s working so why rock the boat?

As for me, I say whatever works for you. If you’re the type of person who enjoys a kid hanging off your boob 24/7 then kudos and all the power to you.

Lesson Learned:

If you’re like me and enjoy having a glass of wine in a bubble bath with your favorite gossip magazine then so be it.

Just don’t think you are in  any position to judge another. No one knows what will be in life….so just  GO WITH IT.

Warning: May be offensive but I you will not stop laughing:

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