I’m a Barbie Girl in an Apple World…..


My girls have decided they are too old to play with Barbies any longer.

They could have told me they were ready for a Gun Permit the way I reacted….I’m just not ready for that young innocent stage to end.

As I was packing away the dollhouse and the rest of the Mattel accessories to give to Charity, I calculated in my head what I had paid for each item and realized i could have bought a new CAR every year for the amount I spent on toys that have no discernible body parts and heads that don’t seem to stay on the bodies.

But all for the sake of girlish fun – right? Or maybe not.

It made me wonder:  Are kids “These Days” (She says in her best old lady voice) outgrowing their toys earlier in exchange for wanting the newest and trendiest shiny tech gizmo with an APPLE icon on it????

All I know is I was much older when I decided it was time for me to stop playing with Barbies- maybe it was because I was such a Tomboy in every other aspect of my childhood – that there was something so appealingly feminine about playing dress up with the miniature wardrobe and Marilyn Monroe like hourglass figures.

My friend down the block even had HER MOTHERS’ original Barbie’s which are now worth more to collectors than the housing market in Middle America.

Looking back, those dolls looked more like Drag Queens you’d find at Lucy Cheng’s than fashion stars made for little girls.

Lesson Learned:

When a parent realizes they are just not ready for their child to grow to the next stage- there is a certain wisdom that makes them know in their hearts that it would be wrong to hold them back…….Wouldn’t it?

Or would it?

I mean let’s just think about that for a minute- maybe coddling and sheltering your younguns for as long as controllably possible isn’t such a bad thing after all?

All I know is I have a sudden urge to Read that Time article on Attachment Parenting again.

Breastfeeding middle school children doesn’t sound like such a bad idea anymore.

And now my gift to you is something to stick in your head for the rest of the day:

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