How DOES he Meet Your Mother Already??????…..

This week began the season finale’s for most of the Prime Time sitcoms – i.e.- the shows that SUCK. (I’m a basic cable fan myself…..with the exception of “Modern Family”, Reality TV is far more superior to the scripted versions. )

After watching the last scene of “How I Met Your Mother”   (I seriously don’t know why I ADMIT to  watching that show – it jumped the shark years ago – yet as with ALL my TV shows that I have taken on –  I seem to have a train wreck mentality and just can’t stop watching no matter how deplorable they have become….case in point Ashton Kutcher’s butchering of “Two and A Half Men”- need I say more?) – so my husband turns to me and says :

“Is that all??? What kind of ending is that? What happens next?”

….which forced me to ask him if this is the first time he’s ever watched a sitcom (to think you know a man??)  …. Does he not understand the concept of CLIFFHANGERS? Come now – does this mean he is still wondering who shot J.R.????

But all this confusion made me think a little further about my history with TV sitcoms….

It seems that on each season finale they leave us all hanging with some ridiculously outrageous suspense filled ending  that makes us eagerly await  the next season premiere – which when i was a kid just meant a summer of reruns and anxiety over whether or not Joanie REALLY loves Chachi?! or Does Tony Finally become the BOSS over Angela??? (Nope- he Does’NT).

Seriously -such big questions in life!

I suppose the FUN of it all is the wondering and imagining what happens next and like ALL good marketing material -leaves us with a taste for MORE and a NEED to hang in there to see it through. Or at the VERY LEAST -it allows us to take our minds off the REAL issues and PROBLEMS we may have in our OWn lives – if even for a fleeting moment- to focus on someone else’s ridiculous problems – eve n if they are make believe. (Hence why I prefer REALITY TV!)

But Season Finale’s also represent the commencement of summer and that in itself is reason enough to celebrate!

So- enjoy the fun of the last episodes and let your imagination run wild!!!

Take it outside and bike ,run or swim until September when the new seasons of SUCKY shows begin.

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