You mean you’re NOT supposed to grab his crotch??……

I suppose it’s time to address the Elephant in the Room.

Is Jon Travolta really guilty of exposing himself to the masseuse or isn’t he?

Although I’m still not really sure what the masseuses expect when a grown man is lying naked on a table waiting for them to rub him down? Aren’t we ALL exposing ourselves when in a prone position on a massage table?

I once got a massage in Cancun while on vacation with my friend and after a wonderfully relaxing hour with my masseur i met my friend in the spa lounge and told her how nice it was that the massages in Mexico are so thorough that they cover the ENTIRE body…..front to back. She looked at me like i was insane and went on to tell me that NO, her masseuse did NOT turn HER over and massage HER chest the way mine did……my only thought was that i didn’t have to pay any extra for the feel up so – what a bargain!

I suppose the point behind the Travolta scandal is not whether he exposed himself to the masseuses but rather  that he exposed himself to the STRAIGHT masseuses.

All I know is that if I was John Travolta’s masseuses – What a thrill that would be!! – if he exposed himself to me- given my infatuation with him as a sweat hog – I would take as many pictures posing next to him as possible to put right alongside my fantasy entries about it in my Dear Diary.

But alas, the accusers, John Doe #1 and John Doe #2, must be legitimately offended because they most likely would not be anonymous if they were simply opportunists looking for their 15 minutes of fame.

But why NOW ? Why accuse a man of being GAY when it’s certainly not NEW news? These GAY allegations against the hot Hollywood stars -Tom Cruise anyone??? – (although no longer hot in my eyes) is certainly not ORIGINAL? These rumors have existed since Richard Gere’s Gerbil got “LOST”.


Lesson Learned here is as follows:

Don’t go into a field or industry were the main role is to touch other peoples naked bodies where your crotch is in their face if you are easily offended when they grab it.

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