I know I’m NUTS but I yam what I yam…..

My favorite sister – in – law (I can say that because she’s the ONLY member of my family who actually reads my blog. I often times wonder if she’s the oNLY person who reads my blog?)  anyway- she recently asked me if I take any vitamin supplements?

The supplement and vitamins industry is so popular that it’s FAR exceeded the BAAZILLION dollar mark…..which certainly begs the question – IS there ANYTHING to this stuff?????

I remember when I was a kid my mom would have at least a dozen different vitamin bottles in the kitchen that she would take everyday (Some were larger than my finger and most  smelled like freeze dried urine.)

Now that she’s finally gotten her weight under control, I can honestly say without too much back lash- that she was the LEAST healthy person back then- so I’m not so sure those supplements did much more than burn a hole in her pocket and lessen my allowance.

I have spoken to several medical doctors about this and they all agree that supplements do not get absorbed fully in the body and the only additional pill that adds any benefit is FISH OIL – which I take religiously in addition to eating fatty fish every night drizzled with flax seed oil.

So many people tell me that my skin is so radiant – not to toot my own horn- but I will-  believe me- I deserve to-  I’ve had my share of breakouts during my pregnancies that would make any teenage boy’s acne look mild – and I attribute the radiance to the consistency with my diet that is filled with healthy fats and greens as well as the 8 SUPER FOODS I eat religiously each and every day.

You are what you eat - A cartoon where a funny woman looking like a burger is about to order at fast food

You are what you eat

SO Lesson Learned (early in the blog) :

Any nutrient or vitamin can be found through food sources.

Don’t bother spending $$$$$$$$$$$$$ on pricey supplements when all you need to do is EAT the proper ingredients.

There are 8 super foods that I adhere to eating DAILY.

I literally eat the same foods each and every day. (Granted , I also eat additional NON super foods such as cookies (oatmeal) , pizza (whole wheat crust), pretzels (honey wheat), chocolate (reese’s peanut butter cups is my go to-as  i get the miniatures for free at the  club so how can i say NO to free food??) and my all time favorite- peanut butter with skinny cow ice cream – but only AFTER I eat all my good for me treats!

So here’s a quick shopping list for you – written purposely on the weekend when you have NO excuse not to take the TIME to go and prepare for the following week, here are the basics to buy and a great recipe to follow that incorporates SO MANY SUPER FOODS and tastes like CAKE!!! (Oh no she didnt!)…….

  1. BERRIES! Any!!!: Blueberries, Raspberries, strawberries and blackberries (VitaminE, Vitamin C,Fiber, Antioxidants, phytonutrients- which by the way are also in WINE- my staple so drink up! – As you know, I do every night)
  2. NUTS! Almonds, cashews and walnuts (unsalted and raw)
  3. FATS!!! Especially NUT BUTTERS! Natural peanut butter, natural almond butter (MY favorite), Flaxseeds, Olive Oil, Avocados (NOTE there is a big difference between Saturated Fats- a NO NO and the “Healthy Fats” I listed above- a YES YES!)
  4. FISH! Fattier the better such as Salmon (Iron, Omega-3) or Halibut or Sea Bass. I also love Flounder when broiled down when texture is crisp like chips!)
  5. WHOLE GRAINS! Quinoa (vitamin E, Zinc, Selenium, not to mention FIber AND protein), Brown Rice, Sweet Potatoes (Vitamin C, calcium, potassium) , 100% Rolled Oats
  6. Eggs (12 vitamins and minerals including choline which is good for brain development and memory) , Greek Yogurt 0% PLAIN (Calcium, Vitamin D and probiotics that balances bacteria in the gut)
  7. LEAFY GREENS! Broccoli, Spinach, Kale (Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Vitamin A)
  8. Tomatoes! (Licopene, Beta Carotene!!)
  9. BEANS! (Magnesium. potassium)Also Lentils, Chickpeas, Hummus
  10. Cinnamon, Ginger(Great for YOur HEART and Aid in Digestion)

I truly eat all these foods EVERY SINGLE DAY

Here is one of my favorite recipes that incorporates SO many super foods and tastes just like a bakery muffin!!!

Quinoa Muffins

mix the following ingredients:

Greek Yogurt

Liquid egg whites

Quiona (prepared)



Oats (uncooked)

spray muffin tin with Olive Oil and bake at 400 for 15 minutes. My kids don’t know they are eating healthy and LOVE these treats! Play around with the portions I just throw in a bowl and never measure sometimes i add some Blueberry kashi cereal into the mix for a thicker texture which is seriously delicious.

If you are feeling liberated then add in berries for extra bang for your buck!

This is a low calorie, low fat and EXTREMELY healthy snack you and your kid will LOVE- and best of all great for BReakfast on the GO!!!!!!

2 thoughts on “I know I’m NUTS but I yam what I yam…..

  1. I’m so happy I finally made it onto your blog list. I am really enjoying it, especially today’s. Fish oil and superfoods here I come! You are such an inspiration!

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