It Doesn’t Have to BE Monday to Set New Goals…….

A very close friend of mine came into town this weekend. I wasn’t able to spend any time with him because I was too busy caring for my sick family.  It took him about 10 seconds to get over it – as he really didn’t come in to see me anyway – and now he has a great excuse to stay in MIAMI and party instead. All the power to him.

The past week has been slightly draining in regards to all the illnesses that took place in the house. ( I use the word draining only because its prevented me from working out for 5 days and counting).

To recap: We experienced a high fever accompanied by an ear and throat infection on a very demanding patient, a Fainter and possibly scary CAT SCAN on an even more demanding patient, and last but certainly not least:

Kidney Stones so MASSIVE that I named them Titleist and Wilson. (Oh – and yes HE’s the MOST demanding patient of ALL)

When visiting the Doctor yesterday for the fiftieth time in 3 days, (You know youve been to the Doctor too often when he recognizes the new wrinkle on your face) and reviewing the list of complaints from said household, he put everything in perspective for me in one simple sentence:

“Better to have 10 little things wrong that can all be fixed than ONE BIG thing that can’t”.

Whew. Slap in the face on a Monday morning- CHECK!

But he was right.

Sometimes you just need a dose of reality from a source that has not only seen it all but seen a little TOO MUCH of it all ….to put things in perspective.

I know from so many of you who’ve reached out to me that you are or have already experienced insufferable pain. My heart goes out to you.

You INSPIRE me every single day.

You still get up and IMPROVE!!!!!

Lesson Learned:

Even if you are a pretty grounded person like myself- sometimes it helps to see the bigger picture to get you to stop sweating over the small stuff.

Second Lesson Learned:

it’s OK to FALL FROM GRACE and delve into BAD Habits as a coping mechanism. For me it’s POOR Eating. Junk Food is my security blanket to lean on in hard times. It’s always available and cheap to attain….and contrary to popular belief – can be JUST  as much a HEALTH HAZARD as the other addictions.

But it’s NOT OK to CONTINUE to Wallow in your BAD Habits …….it is essential to RECOGNIZE when you are SLIPPING and CATCH YOURSELF before you FALL .

Look, If Britney can do it then get paid $15 Million to sit next to Simon and look dumb then certainly MY litle fall from grace isn’t irreversible?


I know that THIS week for me will be a CLEAN eating week as I intend to clean the germs from all the linens and clean my body from all the toxins. (By using my favorite ANTIOXIDANT- Red VINO!)

Remember: It doesn’t need to be MONDAY To start a new week of NEW GOALS.

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