What THE Donald would NOT say: “You’re TOO HOT- You’re FIRED!”…..

Just when I thought I had used up all of the material from the Orthodox Jewish community for juicy and scandalous  story lines, I get a blog basically handed to me on a silver platter…..

Yesterday’s paper (again the NY POST- – which covers ALL the relevant facts that inquiring minds like me need to know but are too cheap to buy US Weekly) ran an article about a young woman who was fired from her job in a lingerie company (Owned by Orthodox Jews) because- wait for it- her BREASTS were too LARGE.


The owners claimed that the blonde and buxom intern was simply “just TOO HOT” for the modest and conservative atmosphere for such zealously religious OJ’s.

I suppose she distracted them from focusing on their jobs of folding the Crotchless Panties and hanging the Vibrating G- Strings.

But let’s not lose sight of the important and relevant message here folks!

No ONE – no matter how old, or what the circumstances– should EVER – EVER – be told that they are “TOO HOT”!!

The shame of it all!!!

Can you even imagine what being told that you are simply “just too hot” can to do to a young, voluptuous blonde’s SELF ESTEEM????

Good thing she also works part time at Hooters to support the therapy sessions she will inevitably have to endure.

Alas, not to worry, she hired the very LOW KEY Lawyer, Gloria Allred, who is already in the process of working on a cover up! (Pun intended.)

Gloria is such an amazing multi-tasker- how DOES she find the time to fight for justice for all these innocent victims of Harassment and Discrimination? I hope she manages to get some rest in between working on the  case for John Travolta’s plaintiff.

Perhaps a nice massage will help.

Lesson Learned:

If you are just TOO HOT for the public masses to handle PLEASE stay out of the work place!

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