80 Degrees and Sunny with a chance of afternoon Showers……

One of the most common things people talk about in everyday conversation is the weather.

It’s easy to remember, it’s not offensive, it fills a void in awkward silence and it only takes a few seconds to make an impression or come across as friendly even if you’re not.

I used to dread getting into an elevator to be greeted by the weathermen or old ladies who simply acknowledged me with:

“19 degrees”

or better yet:

” it’s cold out there” (No Sh@t Sherlock it’s the middle of winter in Manhattan.)

Yet somehow along the way, after years of living in New York City, I suppose I just got accustomed to the weather greeting and when I moved to New Jersey for what I refer to in my war-like flashbacks as 3 years of prison – I started to miss the elevator speak and the niceties forced upon people while traveling down their building’s elevator shaft.

In New Jersey , unlike NYC, there were no High Rises or Doormen forcing people to smile and perform common decency such as making simple eye contact to someone you’ve met a 100 times before. People just went along their way with binders on as if they were horses in Central Park.

I found myself contemplating moving back to Manhattan where I’d have millions of strangers telling me the weather- and in doing so- being NORMAL and gracious….

But alas, I moved to Florida instead,  which as a Chicago girl is like winning the lottery, and now it seems as though no one here talks about the weather – yet they ALL SMILE and say hello.

I suppose it’s because the weather is always the SAME. Hot or Hotter. Most of the year “hot” is considered a breezy and perfect 75 degrees  and sunny (although summer it’s more like 105 and hair frizz ) but again I’ll take the hot summers over New Jersey winters anytime of the year.

Fear not ….all this rambling is leading me somewhere…..

Lesson Learned :

Sometimes even if you don’t like someone or have nothing in particular  to say, it’s SAFE to smile and talk about the weather.

You’re guaranteed to make a good impression and more importantly make the other person feel good if only for a few seconds.

Besides- you might just make THIS GUY’s day:

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