Exercise Your Troubles Away….

I always enjoy writing about people who inspire me.

Sometimes it can be about someone who pushes through a tragedy and not only perseveres but TRIUMPHS.

Sometimes it could be about an injured person who manages to not only finish the race but break a personal record.

Today I am in the mood to write about an exercise instructor I know….just because I ADORE her ENERGY. I want to take her and make her into little dolls and give them out to all my friends.

She shows up every day to class with not only an ear to ear smile on her face but a light and gleam in her eyes….not to mention the sexiest little outfits on her rock hard body that make us all LOVE to HATE her.

She is fast to tell a corny eye rolling joke to make everyone feel relaxed and sets the tone for the dreaded workout as fun and make us feel as though you’re dancing to the oldies with Richard Simmons!

Although she tells me she is pushing 50 she has a body most 20 year old’s would envy.

But most importantly she knows EVERYONE’S name and makes each and every one of her hundred’s of clients she sees daily feel special and ONE OF A KIND.

I know what you are thinking – that there are plenty of energetic and enthusiastic exercise instructors out there- that’s their JOB after all – they are PAID to smile and get the class jazzed up to sweat.

But unlike other people I have been more than content to work out with – her sincerity shines through as 100% GENUINE. This is not just a JOB to her.

By the way she carries herself I just assumed she had a blessed and easy life with no cares or worries.

Until I asked her one day if she was married or had a partner….she told me her sad story of how the LOVE OF HER LIFE died of an aneurism right in front of her while they were in bed watching TV (at least that’s the G Rated version but I know better- at least he went out with a SMILE). Despite doing all she could to  resuscitate him- she could not save him….he was barely 45 years old.

She said that teaching exercise saved her from falling into a severe DEPRESSION.

As I approach 41 I think of how fast my own life is going and how it seems like just yesterday that I WAS THAT carefree energetic 20 year old in exercise class.

Although I do what I can to stay young at heart , I still look at this woman as inspiration to do MORE.

Lesson Learned:

Even if you have circumstances that make you want to stay in bed and hide or crawl under the proverbial rock – just getting out and doing a little exercise can inspire you to do even MORE to IMPROVE.

Getting up and moving is the BEST THERAPY for curing ANYTHING!

SMILE and SWEAT- the weekend is HERE!!! ….YAY.

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