A Little Reflection to Move Forward…..

For the record, I am well aware that my blog yesterday SUCKED.

You probably know me well enough by now to have guessed that I pulled it out of my left ear 12 seconds before posting it having gotten off to a LATE – early morning start after the long holiday weekend.

As you know, I am a big fan of ROUTINE.

When mine is altered even in the slightest – everything – from my digestive tract to how many old ladies I almost hit on my bike – are off kilter.

I’ve already stressed how important it is to have structure and PLAN out your day when it comes to being FIT and HEALTHY.

I also have emphasized how good it is to break that routine once in a while and take some time off from planning.

Just letting things BE and allowing yourself to ENJOY the moment to RELAX and REASSESS – is just as important to a FIT and HEALTHY lifestyle as working out and eating clean is to the overall picture.

But alas, that’s not what this post is about.

We can discuss routine another time (as you know it’s one of my favorite subjects.)

Another favorite of mine is discussing how moving forward is far more productive than reflecting on the past.

But I’m feeling a wee bit regretful for not looking back at the past last week (that’s what happens when I just come off a great long weekend with plenty of time to reflect while Tipsy….)

It’s funny how  kids learn in school the week leading up to Memorial Day about our war veterans – yet somehow by the time Monday comes along it seems the focus is more on whether you prefer your burger WELL DONE or RARE.

Memorial day is a time to reflect on the  heroes who fought for our country to enable us to have the FREEDOM to sit by the pool and get our drink on.

OK, OK, I am aware that Memorial day is more than just appreciating those that gave us the ability to get drunk on Monday instead of going to work,  but it certainly brings to mind the point that it’s easy to take for granted the little things in our day to day life that bring us pleasure.

People often categorize themselves as “Religious” or “Not Religious”.

I consider myself deeply religious in the respect that I believe wholeheartedly in God Almighty and appreciate his creations on a daily basis. But I am not a deeply observant or orthodox minded person (as you know since I’ve written countless blogs about that subject to piss off my friends who are…..you know me- always one to provoke controversy)

My belief is recognized through my appreciation for the sweat that runs down my face while I’m biking or the awareness of the ultra fast pace of my heartbeat while lifting heavy weights. My appreciation for my children, my life as I live it, my healthy body, my family, and my (somewhat) sound mind.

I suppose there is a correlation between my opinions regarding religious belief and my ability to give thanks to the war heroes – which is one in the same…….

Simply put:

I am a person who gives thanks to “THOSE” that provided me with my blessed life-  be it the supernatural “POWERS THAT BE”  who created it – or the human beings who fought – and are still fighting –  to help preserve it.

Lesson Learned:

Take time off from your day to day to reflect and look back on what you’ve done thus far…. THEN take the TIME to reassess how you plan to IMPROVE it going forward.

Then be grateful to whomever or whatever it is you believe helped make it that way.

Enjoy Hump Day.

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