Gotta Work Even when youre sick……



Yesterday i woke up with a tremendous headache that felt like a sledgehammer was pounding through my eye balls.

At first i thought it was simply too much of Dr Ruth’s low alcohol wine the night before but then i remembered i drank the FULL MONTE : Merlot.

Within seconds it hit me that i was SICK. But what’s a mom to do at 6:00am when kids need breakfast, and a method to get to school?

I considered telling them to walk the 6 miles – after all- i used to walk to school as a kid. but then I remembered all those milk cartons in our recycle bin and nixed that idea. (Besides, so many alligators out there just waiting for an opportunity to eat lunch outside the club).

So on with my day I went and shuffled the kids off I did.

I kept telling myself I would work out at some point later and even as i crawled back into bed and fell into a deep REM sleep I knew I was lying- just not sure to whom since no one else was listening. (Are they EVER?)


After I had spent the entire day in bed (and felt sinfully guilty as if I was spending a month at a spa resort getting beach massages) the fever finally broke it occurred to me that life went on without me…..

my exercise class still sweat and raised heartbeats, my children still learned whatever was left to learn when its the last week of school, my husband still managed to make himself and kids something to eat for dinner- (i know because the evidence was there waiting for me this morning. )

And Life Without ME seemed to MOVE on…..which made me think of that episode of “Growing Pains” in the 80’s when Mike Seaver spent the day at home and watched Gilligan’s Island and realized that life on the island went on every day while he was busy at school or playing sports. (HE WAS A cutie back then….but alas we all age and i suppose even the cutest child actor can get ugly when they publicly start hating gays).


yeah. Kind of like that.

I had such an epiphany!

Lesson Learned:

As guilty as you may feel that you must conquer the world and do IT ALL- sometimes you are allowed- no ENTITLED- to take a day off to rest- and i don’t mean the kind you just had by the pool and beach with beer- the kind that just FORCES  you to SHUTOFF fro the world as you know it.

Try it this weekend- even for 10 minutes- it does a body good!


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