Time to make the Donuts……

Last week Mayor Bloomberg came out with his version of the inception of the CURE for the obesity epidemic….. a decision to ban EXTRA LARGE soft drinks.

Unfortunately those EXTRA LARGE people that have this self inflicted “disease” threw a major hissy fit about their right to drink their glucose quota for the month in a 24 ounce cup.

It reminded me of the episode of the Simpsons when the town of Springfield banned sugar – and Homer, dressed in a MUMU (my favorite Friday night attire) started the underground black market of selling SUGAR products.

ADDICTS  will find a way to supplement their addiction.

The funny part about this entire controversy is that Bloomberg limited any soda size exceeding 16 ounces. There is no stopping someone from buying TWO large sodas if they truly wanted to imbibe their 32 ounces of sugary goodness now is there?? So what’s the big deal???…..

People are now calling Bloomberg the “Nanny” as they are considering New York a watched over city but I must admit I am quite enjoying this verdict and here’s why…..

Now as you know, I am one who obsesses over clean eating yet can’t resist FREE food – so I more than enjoy my Reese’s Peanut Butter cups that I “borrow” from the club – and I certainly can stand to lose a few pounds to get my six pack back on track – but I am not – nor have I ever been – obese, so I may not be the right person to ask when Jay Leno polls the people on the streets how this decision may affect the overall population. (Or when Leno asks if the street people if they know who “Bloomberg” is and they guess it may be a new planet?)

However, I suppose the feeling of taking away sugar soda from those that are addicted to it is somewhat the way I’d feel if he banned WINE….. Lord Knows I’d protest that verdict and take it to the Supreme Court with a vengeance only Roe in Roe Vs. Wade could relate to…

But the real backlash came the very next day which was National Donut Day and Bloomberg was the first one in line at Krispy Kreme….

“Hypocrite” the masses shouted!! Ok, maybe not quite that extreme but Matt Lauer- my male media guru – certainly grilled him. (Settle down Matt -as if you’re one to talk with all those BBQ cooking segments where you publicly shnipp pork loins).

My opinion of this donut / soda controversy is such:  I’ve never felt SO CLOSE to the man.

I totally get it!! Bloomberg has it RIGHT ON!

I too advocate the praises of eating healthy and drinking my way to clean kidneys- no soda- by drinking minimum of 2 liters of water (with lemon) daily.

MEALS should be thoughtful and healthful and filled with nutrients and vitamins.

But NOSH is different…..junk is junk- not a treat- but something eaten when  a craving calls for it.

Donut Day is just as important to our overall happiness as is eating right and exercising….all in BALANCE.

I relate  to this concept wholeheartedly …just like my Reese’s peanut butter cup addiction …..Sometimes you just have to celebrate your sweet tooth and have that CHOCOLATE FIX that JICAMA or CHICORY ROOT simply can not substitute.

Lesson Learned:

There’s really no hypocrisy to enjoying an incidental donut here and there as long as you don’t DRINK your DIABETES at every meal.

Oh- and one other thing:

The issue with obesity is a SELF DESTRUCTIVE issue- but unfortunately it INCREASES health care  COSTS and affects us ALL and our Taxes pay for their  “illnesses”-

All I ask from all OBESE people is to  please just DIE instead of taking the TIME and MONEY to get SICK from a disease that is brought on by EATING FATTY FOODS….

Seriously????? OBESITY should not be a NATIONAL problem. I pay enough taxes.

And now for some nostalgia:



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