Moon River! (Read post and you’ll get it)….

As you know, for the past 3 weeks, we’ve been dealing with the case of the Kidney Stones that just won’t go away (with NO END in near sight. Don’t even ask… I talk about it so often that I feel like I’m living Groundhog Day.)

Apparently, these rocks are made of KRYPTONITE and even Lex Luthor’s antidote can’t seem to break them down.

So while waiting in the Urologists office – which has become our Summer home (for all my friends in the Hamptons – I know you are SO jealous)  – I had some time to look around the room. (And for those East Coast and Midwest readers- I must remind you – we are in FLORIDA: the Land of Depends- so you can only imagine the MATERIAL I am holding back from posting out of respect for the Elders.)

I noticed the waiting room was filled with People who had the same expression on their faces:


But it wasn’t the look of Fear that most people get in anticipation of just ANY Doctors visit or Physical where shots are anticipated…..No, this was a very different type of look – more like a trepidation – a feeling of DREAD…..

Then it hit me!

The most POWERFUL job in the World is NOT to be the Leader of the Country or the Queen of England….But rather…


The look on these people’s faces was identical – it was basically the UNDERSTANDING that this Doctor literally had them by THE SHORT HAIRS.

When you think about the POWER that  a Doctor who deals with the most SENSITIVE part of the male body has- wow… other WEAPON in the world can compare.

Women like to say that if THEY were in charge of the WORLD there would be no WAR……Makes me wonder why WORLD PEACE isn’t just simply resolved by the threat of a RECTAL EXAM.

Now bend over Mr. Babar!

Lesson Learned:

No matter what the prognosis or condition to warrant a visit to a doctor that deals with private parts- the outcome is always the same….it reminds you that you’re HUMAN.

No matter how TOUGH or STRONG we THINK we are – we are ALL VULNERABLE at one point or another to what the body can handle.

We are limited to what we have been given but that doesn’t mean we can’t take the EXTRA step to CARE for our bodies.

Do what you can to CHERISH and treat your God given body well….Afterall, it has to last you a LIFETIME.

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