Put The Phone DOWN While you Drive or I’ll send Grandma after you…..



Approximately 1500 people DIE from cancer every day.

Unfortunately there is still no CURE.

But what if there WAS a cure for cancer?????….What is the likelihood that a cancer victim would REFUSE to try it??

Yesterday, a local teenage girl was texting on her phone while driving (just blocks from my kids school) and was killed .

Unfortunately, there IS a CURE for DYING because of TEXTING WHILE DRIVING but so many people seem to REFUSE to try it.

On a separate but related note ….

Video game sales are down 42% from last year.

Thats a whopping number considering Wii was the hottest thing to get two years ago for Chanukah (and now sits in a box in my garage among the other boxes from the set of Raiders of the Lost Ark.)

Social media and new tech gadgets that allow people to download FREE games and Apps have forced Nintendo and Sony to launch the newest touch screen X BOX and Wii U in an attempt to get consumers to come back to playing with joysticks vs. touch screens on ipads. Sounds exciting enough.

So why the downgrade on consumer purchasing of the Home consoles and Gaming market?

Because the world is going the online way- more and more people – of all ages – are on the internet. (I know this because every time i go to the public library I have to wait in line behind the 90 year olds on the computers surfing for FREE PORN).



In other words- Texting is not going away – it may even eventually become the SOLE method of COMMUNICATING.

But I ask you- While you are still DRIVING , is it really SO difficult to just put the damn phone away until you reach your destination? Ask yourself- is whatever you are texting really WORTH DYING for? (Please- we all know you’re not THAT important that someone can’t WAIT to hear from you!)

Let’s be honest, I truly don’t care if you text while driving and end up killing YOURSELF- but when you put ME and my FAMILY in the line of danger -THAT’s where I have a major problem.

Lesson Learned:

Save unnecessary DEATH for the diseases we CAN NOT CONTROL.

Spend time this weekend speaking to your teenagers about Safety of the Road and take a good look at your OWN DESTRUCTIVE AND DANGEROUS habits.

Because if I see you DRIVING with a cell phone in your hand…..I can’t guarantee I won’t “accidentally” run you off the road.

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