All you have to do is ask…..

My kids are fair skinned, light eyes and blonde-  like my husband – and look NOTHING like me. (For those of you who only know me by my blog- you should know that  I stay FAR away from the sun but tan naturally as I have an an olive complexion.)  Although we all sport island like tans now that we live in Florida,  the BLONDIES I refer to as my daughters look NOTHING like me.

When we lived in NYC, people would go so far as ask if I was the Italian NANNY and they are the Scandinavian children I care for. (Of course i would say YES- I was – and take their cards because nannies in the city make upwards of $1000 a week just to sit in Central Park and read gossip magazines.)

So it goes without saying that when my kids DO something that is exactly like ME –  I am nothing but PROUD.

Yesterday while swimming at the club pool I experienced such a gratifying  moment.

Being that it was 90 and HUMID we spent the entire day in the pool. Of course the first thing the girls ask for after swimming is ICE CREAM – but i was too hot to get out of the pool and take them anywhere.

Next thing I know, the girls walked into the clubs’ pool side restaurant which was closed for the day  -straight into the kitchen- and (what I hoped and imagined to be the ) the cutest and sweetest voices asked politely if they  could PLEASE have some ice cream.

I had tears well up in my eyes as i watched them emerge from the restaurant with ice cream in their hands- GRATIS- because as the kitchen staff told them: They were  “SO polite and cute” ….

The APPLE doesn’t fall far from the tree, I have never been so proud.

They could have achieved straight “A’s” and I would still be most proud of THIS moment.

They were just like ME. The girls were JUST LIKE ME. (she says in her best Cats in The Cradle voice).

As you know I am a big fan of FREE food even if i don’t like it or eat it- the idea of getting it for FREE is just so appealing!

Lesson Learned:

As my My girls have learned early on –  if you want something you just have to ASK for it….the worst case scenario is that the answer will be “NO” …..but when done in proper scammer TONE the outcome is typically in your favor.

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