Get Off The Wheel and MOVE…..

Everyday I get a Groupon or Living Social Daily Deal for some fitness class or another…. promising FAST results to break up the monotony of daily workouts.

Be it a $10 for 10 Piloxing Sessions (what is that even? boxing and pilates mixed together just seems like such a mismatch like if you combined yoga and spinning- oh wait- they offer THAT too) or offers such as a month of unlimited pole dancing classes (have you tried that? Being that I walk SMACK into WALLS that have been there forever- I seriously think I would FALL on MY ARSE if I even ATTEMPTED to balance on 3 inch diameter pole …but prancing around in a thong and heels and calling it  exercise sounds like a good time in theory)

Whatever it is that is the NEWEST and GREATEST way to break a sweat… it is always appealing to think there is something BETTER out there.

As you know I am a BIG FAN of the BASICS – the old fashioned Jane Fonda leg lifts – the idea of when you PUSH and PULL your body – you will tone it up and if you feed it healthful NUTRIENT rich foods – it will give you the energy you desire.

So when I was in the hospital yesterday awaiting my husbands SECOND kidney stone procedure ( yes these stones are STILL with us – and by US I mean the entire Bedrock community seems to have been affected by THESE ROCKS as they are so damn LARGE even Fred and Barney need to work over time.) And NO, Fred still has not won the fight.

So on our way to PRE-OP,  I noticed the MALE nurses who wheeled the patients from room to room and floor to floor from surgery to recovery.

(Caveat: The FEMALE nurses are all candidates for the next “Biggest Loser” with painted finger nails the length of the roaches in this swamp land state.)

But the male nurses- well, these guys were built like Hercules ….each with Biceps that exploded from their uniforms as if they were morphing into the HULK.

I wondered how they had the TIME to WORK OUT so much to attain such enormous muscles given the demanding job they endure during the day.

Then it occurred to me that their JOB WAS their workout!

They spent the entire day PUSHING and PULLING patients around…. the calorie expenditure alone would make any Crossfit gym look like a  FAT FARM.

It just made me wonder if we are all hamsters in a wheel – as we are in constant search of a more effective workout to keep us stimulated. We just keep searching and searching when the answer is RIGHT IN FRONT OF US.

It is so SIMPLE that even a CAVEMAN gets it….(and on that note – the CAVEMAN diet is notorious  for making you LEAN and full of ENERGY- IF you are able to eat food that technically you have to hunt for!…Not for ME but others I know swear by it)

When you are simply moving throughout the day and PUSHING or PULLING your body ….be it on a POLE or in a Boxing and Pilates class … are making RESULTS.

Lesson Learned:

By staying ACTIVE throughout your day you are WORKING out.

Keep it SIMPLE and stick to the BASICS and you will see results.

Now get off that WHEEL and MOVE FORWARD!

3 thoughts on “Get Off The Wheel and MOVE…..

  1. I always enjoy your posts, but I REALLY loved this one. I’m not sure what it was about it, other than the simple truth that it matters less what you are doing but just that you are doing something.

    Thanks for another great post!

  2. My name is Denny and I’m an Atletic trainer/personal trainer and I’m working on launching my own business. The business plan is changing a bit, but I’m trying to stay diligent in the face of frustration. And i blog over at I live in central FL, so your stories about Publix and old people are particularly funny to me as well.

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