The Mayor is coking up something sugary once Again…..

It seems the ANOREXICS have won the OBESITY fight…..

Hve you heard the latest sensationalism in Fox News media???…..Now there’s talk of Bloomberg aiming to ban movie theater popcorn and Starbucks Frappacinos

As we know, the ban on sugary sodas has sparked a nationwide controversy but now people are saying  he’s gone TOO FAR.

Makes me wonder how he justifies his fancy meals at High End trendy establishments that most certainly don’t list the caloric content on the menu for the juicy fatty steaks he eats for dinner.

Just where does he draw the line on what people should or should not eat?

I know it sounds like I’m suddenly switching teams here- don’t get me wrong- I am still in favor of some sort of action to stop the obesity “issue” that has lead to a staggering $4 billion annually (of taxpayers money – i.e.: OUR pockets) in order to be treated – however there IS a POINT OF NO RETURN.

If he continues to ban every Baby Ruth and Jalapeno Doritos at the corner Bodegas …. what kind of Country will this be?

(……A healthier one perhaps?????)

Look, its essential for government to take some sort of ACTION if they plan to get involved in our health care costs -as an EMPLOYER, I know first hand how costly providing health insurance can be….however – just like my husband tells me every time i complain i ate too many  cookies – that it’s up to ME to SHUT my  OWN MOUTH- No ONE else is in charge of what I put in it.

So why isn’t anyone in government doing something to arm the fat kids with HEALTHY options in schools and theaters to make it THIER CHOICE? In other words: Provide them OPTIONS to CHOOSE.

I know I would LOVE if a movie theater offered pita chips and hummus or edamame and sushi as  snack fare for the 2 hours I’m sitting there.

It’s like I teach my kids- give them the OPPORTUNITY to make healthier choices by PRESENTING it to them- instead of punishing them for making POOR choices because it’s the only thing available. (Seriously I have been on enough ROAD TRIPS in my youth to know that every gas station has snack fare upwards of a 1000 calories per bite but none offer celery and guacamole. just saying);

SOOOOO, Mr. Mayor, instead of REMOVING popcorn and soda – why not ADD a salad bar or a fat free sugar free Fro- Yo machine ? (A girl can dream can’t she?)

Ok i know it sounds ridiculous and possibly i am a VISIONARY before my time (speak to me in 20 years when it actually happens so I can blatantly say ” I told you so!”)

But for the interim- pack your own snacks for the theater and let Bloomberg take away the popcorn- hey its $13 bucks for a small with a coke anyway- so why not let the money go towards the $13 glass of wine AFTER the movies!?

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