Keep On Trucking- whatever that means

I took my girls ice skating yesterday and actually GOT ON the ice with them (something I have not done since i was a kid).

In the 80’s we had roller skating or ice skating Bat mitzvah parties …..back then – even the “RICH” kids didn’t spend half a million dollars to have Beyonce sing at their

“ Religious” Right of Passage.

Life was so simple : Pizza, Ice Cream, and a Juke Box  playing Joan Jett songs like “I love rock and roll” kept us moving in circles for hours.

I had no fear whatsoever so I would twirl and spin and do all kinds of wheelies for hours without thinking about the consequences….if i fell, i hurt myself, got right back up and brushed it off as cool and continued with my spins.

Daredevils on the ice were considered AWESOME to me…..

Until yesterday.

My 6 year old is a lot like me in the respect that she has no fear (i don’t have the heart to tell her she may develop an insane amount of anxieties later in life – just as i did – but for now Ill keep the therapist at bay and let her believe she CAN do anything without consequence.)
I was trying to keep up right behind her – but again it had been at least 20 years since I have been on ice-skates- (with the exceptions of a few blind dates in my early 20’s when the guys thought they were so cool to take me for a few “obligatory” loops around Wolman rink and Rock Center but that didn’t count because I had tTHEM to  hang onto – which now looking back I suppose was the point of them taking me. Pretty Sneaky Sis.)

Yesterday I had only a 3 foot WALL to support me.

As I was trying to support MYSELF while simultaneously monitoring my kids several feet in front of me – the annoying 14 year old chubby girl behind me kept bumping her skates into the backs of mine. If i hadn’t been so annoyed I would have felt sorry for her – as she was clearly struggling more than i was – but at the same time I watched (or felt as she bumped me) how DETERMINED she was to get around that rink by HERSELF.

Other skaters – i suppose her friends- kept trying to come help her but she refused their assistance and kept on GOING.

When I was a kid I would collect stickers – one day my school lunch lady gave me a book of them that had sayings like:  “KEEP ON TRUCK’IN” – i did not understand what the heck that meant back then nor do I get it now- “keep on TRUCK’IN??” …..I suppose it was meant to encourage us NOT to give up.

Lesson Learned:

Even if you’re not good at something – or perhaps JUST SUCK at it- the idea is to KEEP ON TRUCK’IN – in other words: KEEP TRYING AND DON’T GIVE UP!!!

Just like the chubby girl with the poor skating skills who refused to quit and sweated it out on her OWN……KEEP ON TRUCK’IN.

Now go enjoy the weekend and TRY SOMETHING NEW!!!


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