Take the DRUGS- As Long as you ENTERTAIN ME…….


I’m certainly not going to suggest that Barry Bonds was the FIRST Pro Athlete to CHEAT his way to the title of Home Run King, but he certainly brought the use of performance enhancing drugs to the forefront way before Lance Armstrong made the front page of the New York Post for “Doping”.


It seems that professional Athletes don’t have ETHICS anymore- or The Chicken and Egg question is really : which came first?: -The loss of ETHICS or the much easier availability and ACCESSIBILITY of steroids.

It used to be that it was only the Hollywood Starlets that would hide their drug abuse with fancy P.R. labeling such as: “Exhaustion” and the recent TRENDY phrase: “Bipolar”.

Now it’s our best Athletes that have come “CLEAN” with admissions of guilt to using drugs – only after they were caught- to propel them to being the absolute BEST they can be.

The only question I have on this matter is:


These athletes are STILL SUPERSTARS with NATURAL Athletic abilities that far surpass those of anyone I know in the gym class working out next to me.

They have INHERENT TALENT and ABILITIES and if using DRUGS to ENHANCE them to give US a BETTER performance – well, what difference does it make?….

As far as I’m concerned, their drug use makes for a better and more ENTERTAINING production for ME! (And isn’t that the POINT of the matter anyway? Aren’t these people THERE to ENTERTAIN US???)

 Let’s be honest, if Lance Armstrong were in MY spin class (not that i spin anymore -seriously it’s been months, which might explain my mushy tushy)- I have no doubt that HE would STILL finish the fastest even if he hadn’t gone all Dracula and transfuse his own blood platelets.
Speaking of Blood…..

Take the show “True Blood” on HBO which has no plot or consistent story line whatsoever – yet provides Gay Men and Horny Women like myself (who prefer to WATCH their porn instead of READING it via Fifty Shades) – a FULL hour of PURE JOY and Entertainment. Why??? Because the MALE Actors on the show are SO HOT that they MUST take SOME sort of substance- even if its just creatine and protein drinks- to look as GOOD as they do.

(I know- right?)

So if Lance or Barry or Roger or  A Rod want to go and pump their veins with a substance that makes them EVEN BETTER than they ALREADY ARE….well who am I to stop them?????

I don’t consider it cheating either….because if I were to take these very same drugs i can guarantee you I would still not be as FAST as Flo-Jo in her heyday.

Lesson Learned:

Beautiful Superstar Athletes- please CONTINUE to do whatever it is you have to – in order to be the BEST you can be. Don’t bother worrying about the consequences as long as it doesnt affect ME and MY HEALTH- I’m all for it!

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