A family that dopes together stays together…..

In PART TWO of my DRUG post crusade it just so happens that yesterday Roger Clemens got off scott free from lying to Congress about his steroid abuse during his career.

I suppose the real issue was not that he USED the drugs- but that he LIED to congress about it. Seriously???…Is that what we are doing now?….. Caring about people who LIE???

IF so, Where will we draw the line ? I don’t even know where we would begin? With Shwarzenneger to Maria about needing his SHEETS cleaned by his “MAID” every week? Or perhaps Bill Clinton lying to Hillary about how he “Did NOT have sexual relations  with that woman” … better yet- how about Hillary lying to Bill that she’s NOT a lesbian???

As far as I’m concerned about Roger- I’m just relieved that WE as taxpayers who already paid for the costs of trial don’t have to pay for his jail time too. What good would prison do for him anyway? …Teach the REST OF US a lesson?

I don’t need any more lessons….. I already learned everything I need to know in Kindergarten (Coincidentally Schwartzengeer was my teacher):

Kindergarten Cop

But what intrigued me about this story is that Rogers’ wife, Debbie, ALSO took HGH to “stay young” …..AHA!! – Now we’re getting somewhere!

(I was very impressed that Roger and his wife are so close that they share hobbies….MY  husband pretends he doesn’t know me in most social situations…can’t say I blame him)

But this brings up the question about the use of drugs for benefits of younger looking skin – well, that just seems SO ACCEPTABLE now doesn’t it?

After all, we don’t criticize people who use BOTOX do we ? If we really wanted to, we could argue that the use of Botulism is increasing the possibility of creating a world of Zombies? Or at the very least, people who just look like they are…..

So Lesson Learned:

People lie. People use drugs. People do many things that for the most part is considered “BAD”…..

I will say it again – LET THEM LIE and ABUSE DRUGS all they want – as long as it doesn’t effect (Affect?…. never sure the correct letter on that word?)  ME or my HEALTH so be it.

Do what you want to stay and feel young and vibrant. Drugs however, never last long.

Consider a LIFE of  CLEAN eating and EXERCISING  instead…….with a little leeway to abuse cookies once in a while.

Although if Bloomberg gets his way- even sugar addiction wll be considered illegal soon…..so stock up on snacks NOW -they may be worth alot more than HGH on the Black Market.

Have a great day!

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