Rain Rain Go Away…..

Yesterday was the first Sunday in almost 10 months that we DID NOT go to the beach because of the torrential downpours.

I must say it reminded me of the VERY REASON we moved to Florida – because of the WEATHER.

Back in the NorthEast, the winters were grey, dark, snowy and COLD and I just could not stand another day of not seeing the sun before I declared to Jeb that Florida is the place we outta be and we packed up the truck and moved to Delray Beach….Hills that is….

Swimming Pools , Movie Stars (Ok, maybe not- that’s Miami- HERE in DELRAY there’s OLD people and PUBLIX – but just as much GLORY  in the mocking).

So I had A LOT of INDOOR time to reflect upon the transition and lifestyle change that i have endured since moving last August.

Back in New York,  we would anticipate and look forward to the first snow then take out all our snow boarding gear and run to central park to slide down make shift hills. We would go to Rockefeller Center to see “THE TREE” and partake in the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade among other hot cocoa rituals of NYC. Back in the City it really WAS a Winter WONDERLAND.

Then we moved to New Jersey where snow meant being trapped in your cul de sac for 48 hours until the plowers finally came to plow your street and “save” you from your own home.

But i must admit, the snowfall in the back yard covering every inch of the swingset was just beautiful. (so were the Deer that were trapped in the 16 inches of snow for 12 hours until they figured out they could RUN away).

OH- so beautiful-  Until it wasn’t.

So flash forward to my life in Florida where EVERYDAY is a BEACH DAY until the hurricane season ….when  I have to think about how much the weather actually affects me  (a LOT -that’s how much- a LOT)

So I’ve come to the conclusion that WEATHER is a VERY REAL excuse on what you WEAR, what you DO and how you ACT on a DAILY  basis.

I know one thing is for certain: when the sun shines (as it does for the most part of the year here ) I am a HAPPY outdoor camper and when its grey and gloomy- i am a hibernating cookie monster.

New Week- New Goals – New weather patterns

Make the most of it!

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