30 DAY Challenge – Day 2….

For those of you NOT interested in taking part of my 30 Day Challenge – No WORRIES! I will be continuing my judgmental, cynical and sarcastic blog subjects as usual with my Challenge on the bottom portion . But for today- I was just so thrilled that SO MANY of you wrote to me to let me know you will be  joining me in my effort to lose 10 pounds and get SHREDDED and  GO FOR THE 30 Day Challenge once again (and hopefully once and for all!)

As for me (isn’t it always just about ME??- My husband seems to think so), I’ve had the 6 pack forever….I am naturally a skinny person and it’s MY OWN SELF SABOTAGE that has brought me back to this place. (Oh Oprah, I feel so close to you right now).

So I decided to LOG every single item I put into my mouth- from condiments (half jar of ‘I cant Believe It’s Not Butter’ Spray does NOT make it a fat free salad dressing) to “Healthy” foods (an entire jar of Almond Butter – even if it IS “Natural” and “Heart Healthy” is STILL an extra 2000 calories) and I discovered that this “naturally thin” girl CAN GAIN weight when I really try hard enough (like eating a total of 4000 calories per day! No kidding check out my log on www.myfitnesspal.com – my email is balsamj@gmail.com)

So here are the simple and basic RULES and each day I will be here with you on this venture….

  1. WATER !! Drink at least 64 oz per day if not MORE! (I personally drink 4- 6 LITERS a day – as Florida is humid and now summer time it’s 90 and sunny……hydrating is ESSENTIAL!….Also I drink so much wine at night I need to prep my body, the way an athlete prepares for a race).
  2. NO refined SUGARS!!  (i.e.; no OREOS! But it also means you CAN eat natural sugars found in fruit- and Wine of course!)
  3. No WHITES!!! (that means sugar, flour- i.e.: BAKED goods, the only white allowed AND encouraged is GREEK Yogurt 0% plain. (Let’s be honest- if you thought that your subway sandwich was a healthy lunch go ask Jared how much weight he gained back ever since he is not getting paid to NOT eat anything else.)
  4. MUST EAT FOODS: combination of vegetables, healthy fats  and lean protein 3 meals per day!!….a complete list of MUSTS to follow below
  5. No counting calories! EAT until you are FULL – really mean it though- don’t assume that stuffing yourself equals being satiated – (This part is my personal weakness- I really enjoy stuffing myself even if it’s just with cauliflower – which is something I need to re-learn so that i don’t need to sleep with the windows open).
  6. Eat every 3-4 hours! It is essential to speed up your metabolism! TRUST me on this one….starving yourself will only SLOW down your ultimate weight loss goals!

Ok, so heres a basic food plan that you can follow and don’t forget to check my own personal food log for more ideas. But basically it’s simple : It’s a combination of Lean protein sources, vegetables, and complex carbohydrates 3 meals a day and 2 snacks in between:


Oatmeal, greek yogurt, berries and almonds (my favorite!)


Fiber one cereal (or any cereal with less than 3 g sugar per serving) and almond milk (if you prefer dairy milk go for skim)


Egg white omelet made with spinach or any vegetable


Quinoa pancakes


Sweet potato + salad+ Salmon  (or any lean protein in a salad)


Turkey with 100% whole wheat 100 calorie bagel thins + salad


Brown rice + chicken + vegetables

you get the idea

Snacks: Almonds (25 Raw Unsalted)


Carrots and Hummus


Apple + Natural peanut butter or better yet: Almond Butter (Skip the “Skippy”)


Same as lunch WITH OUT The carbohydrate!!! This is key- just for the next 30 days I want you to skip the carb at nigh-time (but eat during the day!!…..trust me it works wonders.)

I personally drink a glass of wine with dinner then another after as my dessert. It not only relaxes me and keeps me from scrimmaging through  the Kitchen cabinets but it also sets the mood for bed time (wink wink if you know what I mean ladies!)


Here’s another helpful hint- eat dinner EARLY- at least 2 hours before bed. It’s OK to go to sleep a LITTLE bit hungry – it will make you RUN out of bed the next morning to eat the most important meal of the day.

OK people- GO TO THE MARKET NOW!!!! Check in with me later.

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