I LOVE LUCY…. and Cher and Barbara and Whitney…..

Early yesterday morning my kids were watching reruns of

“I love Lucy” – you know the episode I’m referring to – when Ricky performs “Babaloo”  in his musical show and Lucy makes a fool of herself by coming up with a plan with Ethel to trick the Boys – Oh wait, that’s EVERY episode. But it doesn’t matter, – the point is while Ricky was singing, it occurred to me  JUST HOW MUCH music has changed over the years. Ricky’s voice simply SUCKED when compared to Beyonce and Whitney Houston.

Sure, He was a GREAT PERFORMER and when Lucy is dancing in the background disguised as a Rockette, my kids and I had no choice but to LAUGH out LOUD – but  nevertheless, MUSIC absolutely has CHANGED drastically.

Not that the NEW music is any improvement….I have to down 3 Advil after a car ride with the kids and Nicky Minaj on the radio (What IS that even? She’s like a combination of an ugly fat drag queen whining on cocaine and speed???)

Yet kids LOVE her and whatever else is passing for music these days.

Not to sound like an ancient grandma (look- I live in Florida- being ANCIENT  is bound to wear off on me at some point) but there is simply NO MELODY anymore.

We’ve seemed to have lost sight of actual TONE and VOICE and replaced it with Auto Tune, Socialites and “Performing Artists”. (Paris Hilton anyone???)

This is not new…..from the days of Sunny and Cher (where if you asked ANY of my Gay friends, Cher – along with Barbara and Liza, is a GODESS) but there was no question Cher carried Sunny in the voice department.

But they had an ACT– just like Ricky and Lucy did- it was a PRODUCTION – WAY before the days where “performance art” meant wearing a dress made from a COW.

There is something just SO wrong with this picture.

I suppose watching the old reruns of Lucy and Ricky made me nostalgic for the innocent days when music incorporated an entertaining Factor as well as actual VOICES – Vs. the Rap and Dumbing Down of America Vocabulary in Today’s songs.

Justin Beiber – “You’re Beautiful”- seriously????

But alas, each generation is different and  thats’ what makes the world go round now isn’t it?

So for your further entertainment:

Now, for the Day 3 Challengers:

Last night I went out for dinner and  had sushi with brown rice -a lot of it -so i broke my own rule of no carbs at night but I will make up for it today by limiting my carb intake once again to JUST at breakfast and lunch.

I do not consider last nights SUSHI date a cheat night -simply enjoyed the moment without taking it too far- but let’s use it as a reminder that during these 30 days we are sticking to the rules with a little LEE WAY  here and there and not to allow it to become a  SLIP and SLIDE and  go too far and lead to NO GOOD.

Get right back on track if you decide to veer a little this weekend -it’s really OK- you will still see results- just GET BACK on that TRAIN to getting fit !!

I’m with you all the way!!!!

Remember : We weigh in on Wednesday – HUMP day- so don’t blow all your hard work this weekend- take this time to recharge and continue on your healthy habits!!

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