The Truman Show…Starring Katie HOLMES…..

I love when puppies lick my face…..

So it’s time to address the big Scientology Elephant in the room…..

The breakup of the infamous TomKat.

Look , anyone who survived the demise of Bennifer certainly has the right to say “I told you so”

…it’s not like we didn’t know it would happen – I just assumed Katie would hang in a few more years given that she earns $3 million for each one she can endure being married to a man who won’t PUT OUT.  I suppose she survived by reading all three books of “Fifty Shades of Grey” and had her handy “Massager” available in her nightstand when needed.

If it were me, I certainly would have stayed until my cap of $33 million was exceeded….why not? ….Easy money! I suppose I could overlook the cult control if I was given the opportunity to walk the red carpets in designer duds and be “Besties” with Victoria Beckham during daylight hours? Its like being a REVERSE vampire – being able to go out during the DAY and having to be shackled to a DUNGEON at night.  No big deal. Armed with an Ambian it’s A CINCH.

But nonetheless, Katie never really made it to stardom as she expected, being Mrs. Tom Cruise, and for that reason I suppose it was just simply not worth the effort any longer.

In my opinion, I’m still not sure whey she never became the next Nicole Kidman, given that she acted on a daily basis- It reminded me of the movie “The Truman Show’ where her entire LIFE was an ACT.

But there was no way She would win the Best Supporting Actress award  – as the entire world saw this coming. There was no REAL acting involved…..just pretense. There’s a difference. The cast of  Jersey Shore gives a better performance.

OK, on to the IMPORTANT stuff……

Day 6 of our 30 Day Challenge!! YAY- you made it through the weekend!

I’m very proud of you!
I can’t say I was PERFECT- on the contrary-  but as I was about to inhale the entire chocolate chip challah I  actually thought twice and remembered I am accountable to YOU for the entire 30 days -so I stopped myself from my own self sabotage. I DID indulge a bit but nothing too crazy.

SO….let’s begin this new week with the mantra of : “I will eat clean!” “I will eat clean!”

Weigh in is Wednesday so if you DID over do it this past weekend you still have a few days to recover.
NEW week SAME Goals!!!!

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