Day 7 of our NONdetox…..

So i haven’t shared with you my philosophy behind the success of this 30 day challenge yet….i was saving it for midway through to give you a little OOPH to continue on but I figure we are only a day before first weigh in so it may come in handy anyway….here goes:

Most diets have a two week “DETOX phase” where you must cut out a specific food group (most often Carbs) or have you drinking only juices (the CLEANSE diets) or cut both carbs AND fruit (South Beach) or cut EVERYTHING BUT TRANS fatty meats and cheeses (Atkins) – and the worst of all- cut out caffeine!!! the horrors!

but it doesn’t really matter what the rule is for this DETOX phase – it is designed to give your weight loss a kick start and show immediate results (when you cut out any food group or reduce calories drastically you will inevitably lose weight fast- calorie in calorie out is nothing new) so that you are inspired and motivated to continue on with the diet plan.

But what i find that most ALWAYS occurs AFTER the Detox phase is a person poops out of the diet altogether simply because they feel DEPRIVED. Often, the next step is to binge.

I do the reverse- I don’t drop anything and I don’t restrict calories- I simply eat CLEAN and make correct choices. So I have been logging my calorie count and I am averaging approximately 1800- 2000 calories a day- which is 800 calories more than most of these detox diets call for in a day – and probably an ENTIRE week worth of calories for those Annies (my term for anorexic wannabes) who only sugarless gum and egg whites.

I believe that if i am not deprived i will CONTINUE on with the journey and feel satiated. I fill my plate with balanced carbs, vegetables, healthy fats and protein at every meal and i eat every 3 hours so i am never hungry. If I don’t have time to sit for a meal i always have almonds handy to tide me over until i do.

It is not a detox phase and it will not yield a Biggest Loser double digit loss in a week. But it will keep me on the track of righteousness.

Time will tell if this theory works THIS time, but it has never failed me in the past.

So let’s continue this road trip to FITNESS together.

Weigh in is tomorrow- don’t cut anything just carry on with the rules- eat until full, drink plenty of water and remember to fill your plate with CLEAN healthful choices!

And most importantly, MOVE!!!!

So many of you have written to me with questions and comments, Here’s one of my favorites:

“Can I substitute a snicker bar for the two glasses of wine”

LOVED this question! You know, I actually thought about this one and didn’t dismiss it so quickly- snickers have chocolate which is antioxidant and good for you- it has nuts which is a heart healthy fat – (OK< kidding on that part- its pure sugar and trans fat ) BUT……. if that’s what will give you the motivation to continue eating your actual meals with healthy foods then sure? why not? Only limit it to the day time instead of night so you can burn it off!!!! Enjoy the little things like a small size candy bar – don’t have it at night and try not to have it every day- but once or twice a week can’t hurt and it may actually  HELP you feel less deprived and keep you on track!!!

Keep writing in to me! Love your comments and questions-they motivate me !!

2 thoughts on “Day 7 of our NONdetox…..

  1. Detox (short for detoxification) diets are extreme weight loss diet plans that claim to flush toxic chemicals from your body. Detoxing is based on the concept that your body needs help getting rid of unwanted toxins from contaminants in processed foods and the environment. In theory, once free of toxins, your body functions better and your metabolism soars so you can shed those extra pounds.*

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