Happy America Day Challengers!!!

Last night, while searching the internet for 4th of July activities to go along with beach fireworks, I came across a great site with all the scheduled programs for the day. From face painting and sand castle contests, to bungee jumping and surfing, the agenda was very thorough.

But what stood out to me the most was the following tag line:

“Follow Standard Beach Etiquette: No Guns”

Only in Florida where EVERYONE is PACKING – from the 92 year old lady in line at Publix to the pre-teen at Denny’s – do they need to heed that kind of warning for 4th of July beach-goers.

Lesson Learned:

Enjoy the sand, the sun, the ocean, the fireworks….but BE SAFE on this Holiday week…..because NEXT week ALL bets are off and you’ll need to worry about the heat packing drunks sitting next to you, sunbathing once again.

Happy July 4th folks!

Day 8 Challengers! Enjoy an extra beer or hot dog…..just know that Thursday we are way back on track. Weigh in today and let me know your progress.

If you are happy tell me what you did and if you are disappointed – tell me what you did (well fix it together!)

My progress:

Approximate daily calorie consumption: 1850 (at least 3 glasses of wine made up for that)

Approximate daily exercise effort: 40 minutes

Weight loss this week: 4 pounds (YAY ME!)

OK….. continue forward- MY goal for the next 3 weeks: 6 more pounds and at least 4 % body fat loss of challenge to go!!!!

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