If Pink Berry is your thing then go for it -I prefer Reisling


Day 14!!!

Seriously? Almost half way through our 30 day challenge and I am so not ready for it to be the midpoint…let’s check in and see where we are- shall we?….

Do you feel slimmer? Tighter? Leaner? Have you lost any weight thus far? Tomorrow is weigh in so keep me posted.

Personally, I feel like a HEIFER.

I can not even imagine how my weigh in will turn out tomorrow but I am fully aware that if it isn’t to my benefit it is mostly due to stress and anxiety. Sometimes our minds get in the way of our numbers. I have so much on my plate at the moment- too much to share- but I am taking it all in stride and have the knowledge to know that sometimes cortisol builds up in the belly when stress or worry overtakes your brain. (At least that is what I  tell myself to make me feel better when popping the Xanax.)

So here are a few FAT BUSTING tips to keep you on track. Remember – we are HALF WAY there!!! :

  1. Eat every 3 hours! this is imperative to speed up metabolism! Trust me on this one- if you skip breakfast and eat a light lunch then save all your calories for your pizza dinner – you will not yield the best results! Your body is a car that needs fuel -keep it well oiled THROUGHOUT the day and you’ll be GOLDEN.
  2. Drink WATER with LEMON all day long. Not diet soda. Not Ice Tea with splenda. Water. With Lemon.
  3. Stay away from processed foods even if they are “low calorie” , “natural” or “No sugar added”. All of these terms are just marketing ploys for ARTIFICIAL CHEMICALS and sorbitols that don’t digest well in your system.
  4. Stick to the BASICS. Pure unprocessed REAL foods: Fish, chicken, nuts, legumes , healthy fats, whole grains,fruits and vegetables. You can’t go wrong.

Ok, report back with any questions or comments.

Here is a comment from yesterday :
“Is  fat free frozen yogurt OK for a snack if within calorie range?”
The answer is very simple: SURE- if that’s what floats your boat. I personally don’t waste my calories on fro-yo- i prefer to eat real foods but i also imbibe a tremendous amount of wine each and every single night so that is MY sweet addiction.  If you are addicted to the sweet stuff in the tutti frutti machines well, its not the ned of the world. Go for it as long as the rest of your MEALS are wholesome.

2 thoughts on “If Pink Berry is your thing then go for it -I prefer Reisling

  1. Here’s my question – is there a benefit for an evening snack to have something like greek yogurt with almonds and fruit vs. frozen yogurt or a few healthy cookies (i like almondina)? I’m guessing the greek yogurt has the same calories or more but obviously gives lots of protein. I always feel I need something around 8:30/9pm and sometimes fruit alone doesnt cut it. Is it all about the calories or will the high protein evening snack benefit me more?

    • I am obsessed with this question and here’s why… I too crave a snack at night and for years I was eating the 100 calorie skinny cow chocolate pops in bed which never affected the scale so all was good Then I decided to cut out as many chemicals as I could (except my butter spray which I simply can’t live without) so I changed my pops for fruit Ironically the apple or pear at night did affect me and my belly was always bloated I also attribute that to the fact that I eat a LOT of fruit throughout the day so all the fiber does add up Nowadays I prefer a glass of wine despite the calories and sugar it doesn’t seem to affect the scale and an ideal balance would be a handful of almonds but I personally enjoy a few spoons of natural peanut or almond butter before bed The texture is creamy and it’s satisfying and I think the fat and protein is a perfect combination with the wine year not too much to affect scale in the AM For the record my father used to go to bed with 3 fig newtons every night and he was lean and strong in his youth! In other words – or simply put; a small snack be it a few cookies or handful of nuts won’t really matter What counts is how soon before bed, how many total calories in vs expended during day Of course the Greek yogurt and almonds are an ideal protein and fat combination which is what I eat almost very morning with oatmeal but it is not required If u prefer a couple small sweets then go for it but keep it at that- just a couple! ( I can never eat just one so I try and stay clear) I also enjoy a little fiber cereal or oatmeal

      Jordana Balsam http://Www.balsamfitsecret.com

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