Listen to your body and PUSH!!!…..

Day 15 and weigh in! Woo Hoo! NOT……

My progress:

Approximate daily calorie consumption: 1850

Approximate daily exercise effort: 40 minutes

Weight loss this week: NONE. (we’ll get to that)….

Now for my actual daily post:

Yesterday I woke up feeling dizzy. I got out of bed and immediate knew i simply was not feeling right. But as a working mother , I don’t have a that luxury of being able to just stay in bed….kids needed to get to camp and i had to get to work or I’d be up for yet another negative review by my overbearing BOSS (O.K., O.K., most of you know that I work with my husband, so that joke  was probably lame. True, but lame nevertheless.)

With 2 Advils I persevered out the door and went on with my day as WonderWoman per usual.

On one hand, I felt like I should skip the gym and take it easy-

“Listen to your body” – “THEY” say (THEY meaning the Powers That Be)

Or wait- what was it again? :”Push yourself harder when you feel tired- THAT’S when CHANGE happens” – “THEY” say.

So which was it? Push yourself??? Or Listen to your body????

I decided to do BOTH.

I pushed myself to GET TO the gym, then took it VERY easy and LISTENED to my body and barely broke a sweat.

Lesson Learned:

Even when you are sick, run down, or simply LAZY…’s still important to get out and MOVE. Unless you have a fever or a stomach virus- its OK to push yourself to DO things – BUT -and I mean this with a BIG BUTT- pay attention to HOW you FEEL and don’t knock yourself out.

OK, so back to the WEIGH IN…..

I reflected back on my food journal and discovered that i have been making all the right choices and selecting healthy options – However, I am eating TOO MUCH of them.

Remainder of the week’s Goal: – eat until FULL and if I am still hungry I will drink water and decide that its not hunger afterall.

Hope to have a better weigh in next wednesday! Now, keep sending me YOUR updates!!!

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