Appreciate the Little Things when you and If you actually Make the TIME for them….

Now that I am back in the office and working full force, I have very limited time to do things that I used to take for granted…such as get my nails done. Being that I live in a land where open toe shoes are a year round staple, I decided that the Boho look was not for me – so a friend of mine gave me the number of a woman who comes to the house to do mani / pedis in your kitchen.

Ideal !! Or so I thought.

Last night after work, Maria arrived promptly after dinner and set us up in my kitchen. She spoke very little English and as she leaned over toward me  with her DD’s and low cut dress, I could not help but think that she looked a little like one of those big busted women on the Telemundo – Spanish TV soap operas.

Wow. They don’t make them like this in America.

So as I sat there while she very tediously and meticulously tidied up my nail beds I just thought to myself- well THIS is the way to GO! What a LUXURY! To be able to sit in my own home, with out having to wait or deal with other people’s soap scum stained chairs- WOW! LUCKY ME.

After about a half an hour of her STILL working METICULOUSLY on my fingers- not showing any signs of heading down towards my feet, I started to get a little restless. After 45 minutes I was gently coercing her to stop the lotion massage and get down to the pedicure process. ( I had been sitting in my stiff kitchen chair and I started to think maybe there was something to the soap scum MASSAGE chairs afterall?) By an hour later – still not finished I started to desire the Gossip Magazines and the fast pace of the manicurists in the salons who shuffle you in and out like cattle.

I lived in NYC for almost 20 years and not ONCE did my manicures last longer than 13 minutes -TOPS – after all, they had to cater to the working crowd who only took 14 minutes for lunch as it was.

By a full hour and a half later I realized that I MISSED being able to say” Ok, I gotta go” and actually LEAVE.

How do you kick out a guest in your own home- especially when they are servicing YOU?

Then I thought about it for a minute and wondered – what’s the RUSH? It’s not like I had to go ANYWHERE? I simply was DONE and ready to CHILL with my glass of wine. And with that, I thanked her for her time and job well done and told her I’d call her. Next time I will make sure to have my glass of wine ready and scented candles lit PRIOR to her arrival – to make it a REAL Spa Experience.

Oh yeah, and as  I walked her to the door, I could not help but notice the $100,000 Mercedes she pulled away in.

Ahhhh- the American Dream lives on After all! (Either that, or the CARTEL has moved to Boca).

Lesson learned:

Even when you don’t have time to treat yourself to the little things in LIFE- understand that when you finally DO make the time – REMEMBER to actually APPRECIATE them.

Now for the weather -Telemundo style:

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