If you can’t Find a Workout Buddy I’m sure there’s an APP for that…..

Are we really at Day 17 now? A Friday no less! My favorite day of the week!

So let’s reassess and figure out the next stage of the second half of our plan for FITNESS in 30 Days!

First of all, if i have not been clear before I will reiterate again that once this 30 day period is over it does NOT MEAN that all hell breaks loose and we all go to Dairy Queen.

On the contrary.

We KEEP GOING. In fact, I have been known to see ultimate results in day 45 and beyond. These 30 days are designed to not only kick start a fitness program but keep you motivated with TEAM players and PARTNERS so that you wont give up.

Personally,  I enjoy working out in a GROUP setting. I don’t have anyone in particular per-se that I do my exercising with- but I always prefer to go to a group fitness class rather than a solo run.

(One caveat: I DO NOT actually SPEAK to ANYONE during my workout. If anything -I AVOID the BIG MOUTHS so that i can FOCUS and get through the 30 minutes with as much vigor and adrenaline as I can possibly muster. NO DISTRACTIONS. Hear that YENTAS? Stay put.)

I see no benefits in hearing about your new BAG or listening to you complain that you ate too much last night while out for dinner with your hubby. What good does that do you to rehash? It certainly doesn’t help ME work out harder now does it? So SHUT UP and WORK OUT HARD (Just do it next to me!! )

But I DO enjoy the camaraderie, the energy, the competitiveness- even if no one else is looking -it brings up the level more than just a NOTCH.

Just like in business, where it is always good to relay ideas and brainstorm in a team effort, the same rules apply in fitness…..

Lesson Learned:

Find a workout buddy to get you off the couch. If you don’t know anyone on your fit level it doesn’t matter- do what I do and take a class with a number of people on all DIFFERENT fitness levels- that way you will find a COMFORTABLE spot to get you OUT of your COMFORT zone.

Take this weekend to relax, reassess and plan for the week ahead. I know i certainly have my work cut out for me given my bad weigh in on Wednesday.


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