Just take me to the Beach….

This morning my husband is having his FOURTH and hopefully FINAL (i.e.: successful) procedure to remove this GINORMOUS, GARGANTUAN , COLOSSAL Kidney stone. This time, The surgeon is going to cut straight through his back right into the kidney and just take the damn thing out (exactly what my 6 year old said we should do a few months back, having just played the game of Operation- why didn’t we just listen to her back then- can’t recall why we chose to listen to the Doctors advice of going in less invasively 3 times first.)

Regardless of who’s opinion mattered most- the surgeon or my 6 year olds (although SHE was the one who built a robot in science camp last week- not he- just sayyin) – the bottom line is that it will be very invasive and cause for a week stay in the hospital and no less than 2, possibly 3 weeks recovery time.

I know you are all thinking the same thing – I would be too:

Seriously? AGAIN? IS SHE STILL TALKING ABOUT THOSE DAMN KIDNEY STONES??? Doesn’t she have ANYTHING better to write about than this boring topic? (Apparently not).

But the reason I  bring this up now – is that last night, in preparation and packing for said hospital stay, I was telling my husband that i don’t have anything else on my mind- my creative juices are simply not flowing and for the first time in months, I have WRITERS BLOCK.

Obviously, with nothing much else going on other than dealing with this health issue I have not exactly been out and about partying with Lebron in Miami.

Our lives lately have been rather boring: Work and Doctor visits.

So many people leave Florida in the summer and take this time to go on vacations.

But the funny thing about us is all we really desire once he recovers is something so small and simple…..just to be NORMAL again.

Lesson Learned:

Sometimes it takes not being able to enjoy the small and simple pleasures in life to actually dismiss the BIG pleasures like Travel and Vacation and crave the mundane ORDINARY activities we always enjoy -such as going to the Beach a few minutes from our house or relaxing by our pool and BBQing with our friends.

Ah, the good old days!

In life we are all given challenges – some temporary, some irreversible- it’s how you handle and RECOVER from them that matters.

You may or may not hear from me this week. Have a great one and remember NEW week NEW GOALS!

Weigh in is Wednesday!!

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