I Love Lucy AGAIN But NOT her DIET…..

As I’ve mentioned before, I sometimes watch reruns of

“I Love Lucy” with my kids early in the mornings.

Yesterday was the episode when Lucy thought she needed to lose a few pounds to fit into a dress to perform at the Copacabana (which seems to be her never ending battle with Ricky “To be in Show Business” – unfortunately, just like in the Flintstones, where Fred will never win the fight, apparently, either does Lucy).

Well, what made me laugh out loud about this particular episode was not Lucy’s usual crazy slapstick antics, but rather, her APPROACH to dieting.

Her PLAN for trying to lose weight was eating ONLY celery sticks and putting herself in a “human pressure cooker” (which, back then, simply meant sitting in a giant box with light bulbs).

At one point she was SO HUNGRY that she hid under the dinner table acting as the family dog so that she could eat the scraps of steak then lick Ricky’s hand in gratitude. (Which in black and white Television, when couples slept in separate twin beds, was considered foreplay)

At the end of the episode she HAD lost 10 pounds to fit into the  SIZE TWELVE dress (we’ll get to that part too…) but she ended up being carried away in a stretcher for 3 weeks of bed rest to be treated for “malnutrition”.

Aside from the very pertinent fact that back then, the concept of  SKINNY was a full size 12 Vs. the size 00 women strive to be today….the idea that starving yourself for weight loss leads to NOTHING GOOD is STILL not enough information for some people in modern day who reduce calories so drastically or go on  juice cleanses.

I have close friends who cleanse and it works for them. They also run marathons and exercise 3 hours a day. I think the concept of  EXTREMES is the basis for a Blog in and of itself, but in my opinion, FOOD matters.

At the end of the day, no matter how much weight you lose from depriving your body of PROPER nourishment, you will inevitably GAIN it back and THEN SOME unless you sustain a regimen of NOT eating for your lifetime (and if you CAN do that- your lifetime will surely be limited and drained of energy. Besides, not many people will want to be your friend because typically starvation leads to ketosis which leads to BAD BREATH.)

Lesson Learned:

Your body is like a car and needs FUEL to drive.

EAT plenty of HEALTHFUL choices and exercise 30+ minutes daily and you will go through LIFE with Energy and Strength (and Friends!).

Not to mention, you will enjoy it so much more than if you starved yourself (dieters are ALWAYS crabby!!)

OK, Challengers!…..What day are we???

My entire week last week was a blur so I did not exercise consistently but I DID stick to  my 1800 calories daily and lo and behold: down 3 pounds.

Total weight loss to date: 7 pounds.

Weigh in is Wednesday and we will go from there!

Keep commenting!

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