Oh Antonio, How I have missed you……

I have always believed there is a Guardian Angel watching over me. (And no, he does not look like Michael Landon, I picture him to look more like Antonio Banderas , circa 1990 )

This Angel has protected me when I was UNBELIEVABLY STUPID and NAIVE enough to hitchhike my way through Egypt with 2 of my girlfriends during our semester abroad in College.

He stuck by me when I hiked in the Jordan Dessert without food or water in search of Joseph’s tomb and sent a Bedouin with a camel to rescue me and take me home to his 8 wives and 60 children while they slaughtered a sheep in front of me for dinner…and saved me from becoming wife number 9.

He carried me across Spain while traveling for weeks solo and meeting all kinds of interesting travelers such as the nice Australian boy who became my sightseeing partner until one dark night alone in a park with a box of pizza we shared our religious beliefs and although i hesitated telling him i was jewish – being uncertain if he were antisemitic- finding a slight relief when he told me he was a Devil Worshipper.

Well, I hadn’t heard from my Angel in a while and considered maybe I had reached my statute of limitation for Safety.

Until yesterday.

While turning a corner into a parking lot another car turned out of nowhere from another lane and came within millimeters of crashing into the right side of my car directly in front of where my children were sitting. I slammed on my horn, swerved into the next lane of oncoming traffic but veered in just the nick of time – literally NANO seconds – before her  car hit ours.

After catching our collective breath and making sure all were safe, I furiously parked and called the police. Unfortunately there was nothing they could do about an “ALMOST” accident (not sure what i was thinking calling them – other than I wasn’t – I was simply working on adrenaline) but my kids were crying and very shaken. They declared they were never going to get in a car again.

I decided to take this opportunity to teach them a very important life lesson.

Last week we discussed the maniac who killed innocent people in a movie theater. Do we stop going to the movies from now on????

The answer is a resounding NO…..we KEEP ON GOING. We can NOT and WILL not let someone else prevent us from moving ON with our LIFE.

Admittedly, I do hesitate when having to FLY after 9-11, but it does not stop me from getting on a plane and making sure there’s a Priest, a Buddhist and a Rabbi on my flight too (just in case – all bases are covered).

Lesson Learned:

Sometimes – NO, make that OFTEN times in life- someone or something will get in your way and knock you down. Be it figuratively or literally -it doesn’t matter – It’s HOW you REACT  to it and get right BACK UP that makes the difference.

Just remember, Angels take breaks too…..so on occasion you may have to deal with LIFE on your own. DO SOMETHING BOLD WITH IT.

Make a difference.

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